Boko Haram Ambushed And Killed A Nigrian Major

Major K. Yakubu, Acting Commanding Officer, 401 Special Forces Brigade Signals, Nigeria Army

Daily Watch Press, gathered that the Nigerian Army Had Some sets back in the ongoing war against insurgency in the North East, Nigeria, where the Acting Commanding Officer, 401 Special Forces Brigade Signals of the Nigeria Army, Major K Yakubu was killed. 

He died on Tuesday after Boko Haram terrorists attacked his team and wounded one soldier in the process, in the theater of war in Borno State. 

Report shows that the military commander was killed after decimating Boko Haram camp in Doron Naira, an island in Lake Chad, and Nigerian border area around the fishing town of Baga. 

The report said, the troops advance was delayed as vehicles broke down which resulted in the burning of vehicle clutches and overheating of radiators. The troops also had to stop many times to fix burst tires due to extremely harsh weather and sandy nature of the terrain, amongst others.

The troops arrived at Doron Naira Village (N13° 11′ 34.94 E13° 36′ 52.61″wink on June 1 and cleared the partially deserted settlement. Items recovered included one x 120mm mortar base plate, one x Motorbike, one x BHT Flag, one Holy Qur’an, metal links for AA rounds and a roll of copper wire. 

Huts, fire trenches and other home utensils found at the hideout were destroyed before the withdrawal of the troops. Two Boko Haram terrorists were killed in the shootout. Other items captured include one x AA gun, 2 x AK47 rifles and assorted AA rounds. 

The troops were, however, attacked by the terrorists on Tuesday at about 1530hr at coordinate N13° 11′ 50.44″ E13° 36′ 51.44. Troops responded with overwhelming firepower, forcing the terrorists to withdraw. 

Our source, said an advance team arrived Baga Wednesday. 

“Casualty on troops/equipment are one Killed In Action (Maj K Yakubu – Acting CO 401SF Bn), One Wounded In Action soldier while one x COBRA APC, one x mini-workshop (Toyota Hilux) and one x ATEGO truck that could not be repaired or recovered was destroyed in the operation,”

But the troops are in good shape and are making some gains in that axis of the battlefield.

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