Joy Ahmed, A Poet, Student, Young Writer From Abuja, Nigeria.


I fell from grace
That’s a total disgrace
I slowed my pace
Because my sins were too great to run the race
I forgot that there is a place
Where saints and sinners are placed.

I fell from grace
I could no longer behold his face
I no longer feel his overwhelming peace
I’m troubled as one lost in space
I became too far away to see he still cares
I’m even ashamed to pray in his name.

I fell from grace
I went so close to the grave
I was confused as one in a closed cave
I wanted to gain the fame
But ended up in pain and disdain
Everything became sour
I was slowly drowning.


And he raised me up again
He gave me a chance so that my glory I can regain
In my mess he held me closer
When others had called me a loser
My world was recreated.

Grace spoke for me
And to me a new name was given
He wrapped his arms around me with love
And like the prodigal I was welcomed with a feast.

He clothed me with honour
He anointed my head with the oil of gladness
He took the shackles of shame off me
He restored my lost glory
And granted me abundance of peace.

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