Senator Hezekiah Dimka, Plateau Central & President M. Buhari

Part 2 : The Journey So Far – Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka – Daily Watch Press

Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka was sworn-in on the 11th June, 2019. Since then, he commenced his legislative duties with utmost hard work and dedication. He is guided by the conviction that a life so blessed should be lived in service to others.

Being a trained administrator and icon of development, his performances in the act of legislation so far in spite of his brief stay in the red chambers further demonstrate his untiring resolve to not only improve but to transform the lives of the people of Central Plateau, Plateau State and Nigeria as a whole. The tempo of development, progress and constituency projects in Plateau Central Senatorial District under the Distinguished is steady and unprecedented.

However, may we at this moment for the purpose of constructive engagements and benefit of doubt recall the functions of a Senator as a member of the Red Chambers.

The Senate is one of the Chambers in Nigeria’s bicameral legislature, the National Assembly whose power to make laws is summarized in chapter one, precisely, section 4 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution (As Amended). The Constitution has vested in the National Assembly the power to make laws for the peace, order and good governance of the Federation.

The Assembly also has broad oversight functions and is therefore empowered to establish committees of its members to scrutinize Bills and the conduct of government institutions and officials. The Constitution confers exclusive powers to the Senate among them; is the power to scrutinize and confirm major appointments of the Executive arm. It is, however, specific about the appointments to be confirmed. They are those of the Ministers, Special Advisers, Ambassadors, and top Judicial Officers heading specified levels of courts, the Auditor-General of the Federation, and the Chairmen and Members of the vital National Commissions.

Since commencement of legislative activities one year ago and in line with his Constitutional mandates, Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka has worked to push forth some initiatives/Bills that appealed to the middle and lower classes. His actions are refined in response to public sentiments aimed at improving the people’s values and specific welfare sectors manifesting his achievements which reflect his legislative interests as education, security, agriculture, women and youth development. These are briefly highlighted:


As a Senator, he serves on a variety of committees and chairs the Senate Committee on Drugs and Narcotics. Though, not given to frivolities, Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka is more on the quiet but visible side. Nonetheless, as an achiever, he is one of the few Senators, the 9th Assembly relies upon to push its agendas. His Bill sponsorship and voting records indicates that he is a loyalist to the Nigerian project. He is considered to be among the most active members of the Red Chambers. Some of the Bills he sponsored and presented on the floor of the Red chambers include:

  • Bill for the establishment of Federal University of Technology Kabwir (awaiting second reading)
  • Bill for the establishment of the institute of information and communication technology Kanam (a degree awarding institution)
  • Bill for the upgrade of NDLEA Training Institute Jos.

Driven by the zeal to give back to his constituency, he became the first among others to establish a constituency office in fulfilment of Constitutional requirements. This office is located at Pankshin. It is furnished and open to all members of the constituency. The office is maned by seven (7) staff drawn from the five (5) LGAs of Plateau Central Senatorial District.


Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka is increasingly known as a trusted and stabilising force within the Plateau Central Senatorial District. This is because of his quick response to calls in events of celebrations and disasters be it man made or natural. He quickly responded when the news of attacks in Bokkos, Kanke and Mangu LGAs got to him. Being the first senior government official to visit the scenes, he donated relief materials worth millions of naira in order to reduce the impact of loses suffered. More important, he forwarded a memo to National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) for appropriate action. On a different occasion, he had course to visit Bokkos when there was a fire incidence in a market.

Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka donated money to those who lost valuables in the inferno. He has also visited and identified with families of who have lost their loved ones. The most recent was the Late Rinji Peter Bala who was murdered by an STF personnel.

A man whose ideologies are people centred, he is unassuming and target driven. His main focus is the wholistic development of the people. He had on different occasions distributed trailer load of food and gift items to the people during celebrations. In one of such occasions, he donated many bags of rice and cows to Christians during Christmas celebration and to the Muslim community, during Salah celebrations.

Currently, Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka is engaging with security agencies to ensure that all the necessary laws and funds needed to ensure the safety of lives and property in the Central zone and the State as a whole, are put in place in order to mitigate future occurrences of security bridges.

Early this year when the Covid-19 infection was declared a global health pandemic, most nations of the world quickly locked down in order to limit the spread of the virus. Nigeria was not left out in the adoption of this approach but this came with unintended consequences of economic hardship. Being a man who cares about the well-being of his people, he cheerfully donated relief materials worth millions of naira as palliatives to the State Government Committee on COVID-19 for onward distribution to the vulnerable people of the State. This gesture was immediately acknowledged by the state governor as he was the first within his political class to have made such significant contribution to the State.

Driven by practical love and concern for the welfare of his people, Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka secured and distributed grains and other assorted food items and sanitizers worth over ten million naira (10,000,000.00) to the needy in his constituency.


In order to sustain his people cantered developmental strides across the central zone, he set in motion frameworks which continued to drive the process in fiscal prudence, transparency and strategic intelligence. In doing this, he appointed 117 special aids selected from the 5 LGAs of Plateau Central Senatorial District. This was a purposive action directed towards poverty/unemployment reduction among the youth of Plateau Central Senatorial District. He has established and maintained a vibrant yet, functional liaison offices across the five LGAs of Plateau Central Senatorial District in order to remain not only close to the people he represents but connected as well. This is the reason why most of his developmental approaches are people centred. The Distinguished Senator went on to lobby for permanent and pensionable appointments to some youths with Federal government agencies, ministries and parastatals including higher institutions with a promise and strong indication that more are on the way.


The people of Plateau Central Senatorial District are predominantly farmers who are known for their dedication, honesty and peaceful disposition. Perhaps, these qualities placed them in the fore as people who are thirsty for development. They vigorously eschew things that weaken their greatness and are guided by the believe that patriotism cannot be substituted for any form of divide. They do not doubt the power of collective ideals rather, the people trusted the Senator to be the great force for change and they do not despair but believed in the promise and greatness of Senator Dimka to provide the ideals of governance and quality representation. Distinguished Senator Dimka reciprocated this trust as he is the first among present and past representatives who donated 3 trailer load of assorted fertilizer to the good people of Plateau Central Senatorial District. He followed this up with other financial donations in support of community mobilization efforts and developments with a promise to do more

Indeed, the negative perception of non-performance of the National Assembly has changed remarkably due to the distinguished efforts as exemplified in his numerous achievements in one year in office as the Senator representing the dedicated people of Plateau Central Senatorial District.

The new and exciting leadership direction, enduring stability and credible performance level of the Senator stems in part from the maturity, high sense of responsibility and gravitas demonstrated by Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka in his first year in office.

As we roll into the second year, we are sure he will consolidate and improve upon this foundation to enhance Democracy and its dividents.

Source: Comrade N. D Shehu Kanam, Senior Legislative Aide to Senator Hezekiah Dimka.

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