WHY FOCUS ON THE CENTER? – Comfort Onah Ekpenge

WHY FOCUS ON THE CENTER? – Comfort Onah Ekpenge

Is President Buhari Really Our Problem?

Why is it so difficult for the Nigerian Public to rise with one voice to make the state governors to start working in the public interest?

PMB granted autonomy and direct disbursement of LG funds, but the governors rejected it, because they know you and I are more focused on the President. Have you asked why they rejected it?

PMB signed an order to grant financial autonomy to House of Assemblies and the Judiciary, to strengthen governance at the state level, the governors are heading to court to stop him.

These are the people you voted for at the state level. The people who are responsible for your healthcare infrastructure, creation of employment opportunities, and the achievement of the nation’s economic objective. They want to pocket the House of Assemblies and the Judiciary, yet No protests anywhere, the civil societies are silent. The Social Media is busy with The “I can’t breath” Protests.

You cannot hold your governors accountable.

The President is the only man you know to be responsible for your welfare and good governance at all tiers of the government. Yet, those you voted to be in charge of state affairs adjudicated their duties, knowing you can’t do anything about it, because you are simply not focused.

People can’t talk to the Local government Chairman in their states, some of you don’t know that billions are paid monthly into their accounts to take care of your LG: Road rehabilitation, drainage, environment, markets, education etc. Have you ever raised your voice to make your Local Govt Chairman publish monthly how they spend the money?

But you wake up every morning, shouting Buhari is the problem. Yesterday it was GEJ….. BLa bla bla.

Stand before the mirror and ask yourself some questions.

Making Nigeria work is a collective responsibility of all of us, not just PMB’s.

Wake Up Nigerians
God Bless Nigeria.

Leave your comments below, it help us make the desired improvement.

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