Joy Igbokwe, Writer, Public and Social Analyst, Lagos State, Nigeria.

I started developing my writing skills in Class IV in Secondary School, OMGS Nnewi in 1978 when I became the President of the Current Affairs Society. We produced the School Magazine then called ‘The Third Eye’ When I got to the University of Nigeria Nsukka in 1980 to read Mechanical Engineering, the zeal and the flair for writing continued. I used this skill to mirror the problems students face on a daily basis and also to promote our culture In Mbanefo Hall during the cultural week. My Hall Mbanefo complex was very popular then for its disposition to Igbo culture and tradition.

UNN also exposed me further in the art of writing via General Studies( GS 101 and GS 105) Engineering Students take Courses Humanities and Social Sciences in order to make them all rounders anywhere they find themselves. You are bound to write what is called Term Paper or call it Thesis on both Courses. I have remained eternally grateful to the University of Nigeria for unequalled exposure to Social Sciences, Humanities and Engineering.

In the NYSC Orientation Camp In Shagamu In 1985 the urge to continue to develop my writing skills continued. I started writing letters to the Editors of Magazines and Newspapers. This made me very popular in the media houses in Nigeria. In 1995 I wrote my first Book: Igbo: 25 YEARS AFTER BIAFRA. In 1999 when we chased the Military away I celebrated heroes of democracy and wrote HEROES OF DEMOCRACY. It was followed with another book I wrote with a friend, Peter Claver in 2004 titled 2007: THE IBB OPTION.

Between 1985 and now I have written thousands of articles and essays that have brought applause as well as hate. I have also made Hundreds of appearances on TV and Radio Stations to deepen the debate on project Nigeria. Since 2007 I have been the Spokesperson of AC, ACN and APC Lagos State.

I have also been a publisher of National Vision Newspapers for close 17 years. I have also read countless number of books that helped to build my diction and public speaking . All these works have in no uncertain terms improved further my skills in writing and publications.

I have been doing all this because I read about how Voltaire and Rousseau caused the French Revolution through writings and publications. I also read about Thomas Paine who wrote a 50 page Book called COMMON SENSE that kick started the American Independence.

I have also followed wonderful writers in Nigeria and the world to improve my power of elocution and expression. It has paid handsomely all these years and I appreciate God for all this.

Today I write to make people pay attention, i write to contribute to national debate and I write to educate others. I write to deepen the debate in the land, I write to remind us about our history and I write to make a point. I write to teach, I write to share ideas and I write to indict and to correct others. I write because I know that when a writer is silent he is lying, I write because I know that a story that must be told never forgives silence and I write because evil triumph in any society when good men do nothing.

I write because I know that the hottest part of hell will reserved for those who maintain neutrality in times of great moral crisis and I write because history will forgive us for taking wrong decisions but history will not forgive us for not taking decisions at all. I write because If you do not know your history you know nothing.

Finally let me leave you with this unputdownable from my leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu:
“I set my goals and objectives in accordance with my vision. I study them and strategically execute them, my detractors discuss my successes and failure because they have nothing to execute. I am in the news more because I’m working, Nigerians discuss active men in the field. Mentoring any negative news about me will double the wealth of any news media that published it.

My name today is a financial market for journalists, not even elected politicians get the publicity l am enjoying. Go and work till mentioning your name becomes a source of increased wealth for someone. Even my weakness create wealth for vendors…”

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