Seun Should Know Better That Chidoka Was A Product of Nepotism, So Enough of Yellow Journalism

Seun Should Know Better That Chidoka Was A Product of Nepotism, So Enough of Yellow Journalism – A. M. Muhammad Esq.

When I watched Chidoka answering questions on channels TV, on Tuesday 26/5/20, on “politics tonight”, and he was talking about nepotism and the need to sack the entire cabinet of PMB, because the Minister of Power has sacked TCN MD without due process (the SGF intervened when it came to his attention), and also a similar issue at ministry of humanitarian Affairs, I laughted: for three reasons:

  1. Because the anchor is so lazy that he didn’t confront him with facts: Chidoka, did his NYSC in 1997/8, and married Ojo Madueke’s daughter, he was appointed his PA as PDP Secretary, where his father in-law was Secretary of the party .
    They won 1999 election and Ojo became a Minister of Transport. He appoints him again his PA.
    During that time he went to attend a course for 3 months on marine transportation in Singapore and when Ojo was reappointed a Minister of External Affairs in 2003, they were still together, then vacancy occurred in FRSC (everyone thought an insider will be appointed Alas! The influence of the father in-law intervened again! Minister Ojo personally told OBJ that he has an “expert “, on transportation, and OBJ being an impulsive old man, and the fact that no Igbo man has headed the agency, Behold! that PA son in-law was appointed Corps Marshall.
    It was public knowledge the brouhaha that occurred because a lot of senior officers were retired, because Chidoka was in primary school when they graduated and have Masters and PhDs, many more were on level 12, 13, 14, then (my friend inclusive who joined FRSC in 1990/91), when he (Chidoka) was still in Secondary School!
    They showed outrage and they were ignored and eased out.
    By the time he got his second tenure, and the ID, scandal blew up (he converted his wife’s experimental photo studio machines to motor vehicle license equipments and all those license of that era (two to three years were fading in weeks; I was a victim and I still have it) the scandal was investigated and father-in-law intervened and he was “ cleared”!

Finally the last gift of the stalwart father-in-law was the ministerial appointment by GEJ, after Stella Was removed and he ended the Anambara ministerial slot tenure.

During these years he acquired a Green card bought a house in the USA and literally moved his family there. This interview he granted via Skype: because of Covid-19 traveling restriction, is from his house in USA, he has been there since Christmas some may argue since they lost the election of 2019!
He has a fancy title: SA to PDP chairman on external engagement!

His analysis was so much a personal experience that the nincompoop (Seun) the host was just dazzled with him, that he came out sounding like a non-benefit of nepotism and good Ambassador of due process! Imagine!! Just because the anchor didn’t research his guest as done by international news media. Sadly the trolls on social media are so gullible that they are insulting the Naija number one enemy; PMB and his government!! Even the party that institutionalized nepotism, cronyism, bad governances are calling for cabinet change; not their party not their win! Is that what opposition does in other democracies?

  1. If the president has reversed the minister of power twice, how can PDP or Chidoka accused him of being weak, or blaming the office of staff by extension late Kyari who died weeks ago, before the removal?
  2. Why am I subjecting myself to watching a program that since 2018, was anchored towards inviting guests that will come and insult the government without facts and clear bias! A government change which they couldn’t get through the ballot or the tribunal?
  3. Isn’t it time the channels editors stop this anchor for destroying the little reputation John Momoh has left! Most news station or any station at all for that matter, or/and newspapers always die with the proprietors (literary or reputation wise?)

The Vice President has showed you can demand for truth to be told or face the court in a similar circumstance of lies and innuendo, and they retract, PMB has choose silence which is his right to exercise, but why can’t the journalists, self regulate themselves or we just are not cut out to celebrate good people only scandals (remember that platform was where Gov. Obi lies that the Lagos/Ibadan Railway was PDP project, the Kaduna/Abuja Rail got to Kaduna during PDP: when in fact it stopped at kubwa! 2nd Niger Bridge that two presidents of PDP laid the foundation cashed the allocated money, but nothing was done , many other examples like that until PMB two years). 2nd Niger bridge is now on course and the project is on schedule, and Igbos are still hating him, to mention a few!

I have in a piece recently showed that Igbos elites started nepotism in Nigeria under General Aguiyi Ironsi, but still the narrative of lies persists!!

Please, share as wide as you can, so that we get a debate From chidoka and Seun if they have the courage to respond!

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