One Wonderful Year In Office of A Quintessential Legislator – Buhari Zakari

Buhari Zakari With Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi, House of Reps Member Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam.

One Wonderful Year In Office of A Quintessential Legislator – Buhari Zakari

Happy one year of quality representation. One year of massive youth and women empowerment. One year of unlocking golden and life changing opportunities for your people. One year of of projects execution and assisting the people and identifying with them in times of need.

PKK now have a voice that echoes and translates into motions, bills and laws which have direct bearings on the lives of the people. Your one year in office is worth more to celebrate. You are a worthy ambassador of your people.

The unprecedented achievements recorded during that period do not just happened. They are the products and functions of a combination of strong commitment, dedication, resilience, passion and desire to succeed. You have demonstrated within your first one year in office, the strongest political will to achieve more great things and to bring a lot of development to your people.

We appreciate God and thank Him for your life and for your health and energy. We also congratulate ourselves for having you as our representative and congratulate you for making the desired impacts.

May Allah continue to protect and guide you. May He also open more windows of opportunities for you and give you more wisdom, energy and ability to explore them for the good of the people.

In God we trust!

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