The June 12 And The 21 Years of Uninterrupted Democracy In Nigeria

Comrade N. D Shehu Kanam, Lecturer, Federal University, Kashere, Gombe State, Nigeria.

The June 12 And The 21 Years of Uninterrupted Democracy In Nigeria

Today we are privilege to mark the longest period of unbroken democracy and peaceful transfer of power from one democratically elected government to another in Nigeria.

We are all involved in close quarters in struggle to keep one Nigeria, we therefore can do no more than dedicate the rest of our life for the unity of Nigeria and upliftment of Nigeria. Thus far we Nigerians can be proud of our history since independence in 1960.

Admittedly, the challenges of Covid-19, kidnappings and banditry still remain in some rural areas.

As a people, we are and have to be determine and focused to the numerous overlapping approaches, processes to community development and engagement centered on relationship at the core of facilitating understanding and evaluation, involvement, exchange of information and opinions, about a concept, issue or project with the aim of building social capital and enhancing social outcomes through decision making.

Community capacity building and women self help focusing on helping communities obtain strength and maintain the ability to set and achieve their own development objective.

We will enhance asset-base community development, community base participatory research to find out their problems.

Community organizing and participatory planning including community planning as a rural development researcher.

Happy democracy day
Dengi constituency, plateau and Nigeria.

By: Comrade N. D Shehu Kanam,
Senior Legislative Aide to Senator Hezekiah Dimka (APC), Plateau Central.

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