The Poet: Do You Know My Country?

Max Ese Anderson, Writer & A Poet among others.

(A Poem On A Failed State)

Do you know my country
Where the leaders of tomorrow
Are wallowing in perpetual sorrow
Where the rulers selfishly borrow
To make our future hopelessly hollow?

Don’t you know my country
Where “light” is never available
And potable water is not achievable
Where good roads are not sustainable
And security is woefully unattainable?

Tell me you know my country
Where corruption is applauded
And lies and failed promises lauded
Disregard for the rule of law is flaunted
And oppositions are relentlessly haunted

I am sure you know my country
Where hopes and aspirations die
As they feed us with this rotten pie
Cos today’s failure sits on yesterday’s lies
Chained to a bad system we cannot untie

Now you must know my country
Where we build places of worship
Rather than developing entrepreneurship
Where those who do not sow reap
While the suffering masses weep

What’s the name of my country
Where education and health suffer
To satisfy the avarice of law makers
And past leaders continue to plunder
Under the guise of being godfathers.

© Max Ese Anderson 17/06/2020.

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