The Poet: Thank You For The Mockeries

Thank You For The Mockeries

Thank you for the rejections
They made me strong
And the backbitings
They made me focused

Thank you for the mockeries
HE was making me backstage
Your eyes shall see my rising
In a case of foe turn friend

If Joseph wasn’t betrayed
He wouldn’t emerge a star
You thought it was a mess
But HE turned it to a message

Thank you for the smiles
Emanating from your lips
And not from your heart
Judas smiled at HIM too…

Always, l wait on Him for all
Always, one second to my shame
Just one second, HE shows up
That’s why I call HIM “Jehovah every”

When life throws darts at me
I fight on my kneels
He who kneels before HIM
WIll rise above any challenge

HE is the reason for my season
Each time I see a new dawn
With the droplets of the morning dew
I bow and “Rababa” to His Majesty

Even the devil knows
I am too connected to be flustered
Friend, the good news is,
The world will soon know my name

By: Babatunde Raimi
Nigerian Author/Poet/Life Coach

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