The Tribal Bigot, The London Street TOUT – chigozirim

The Tribal Bigot, The London Street Tout, The Mouthed But Brainless Entity, The Yahoo Boy, The Fraudster Who Used And Dumped Our Youths, The Deceiver, The War Monger, The Talkative, A Political Thug.

You have succeeded in deceiving many youths including those that lost their lives because of your unfounded lies and deceit, you used and dumped our youths because you think they are so myopic to see the future.

Nnamdi Kanu, what you wanted was “Fame” and “Money” now you have disappeared with the contribution of innocent people who thought you were taking them to Canaan land.

You faked your own sickness in prison and got released in other to get medical attention, that was how you went to Abia State and caused violence, created illegal army, duped many people convincing them that you are their messiah. in few weeks after your probational release from Kuje prison, you acquired three cars and made more money from general contributions by our Abroad and local youths.

Nigeria is my country, President Buhari is my President any one that hates my country hates me too, anyone that tries to cause war and tribal crisis will go down before Nigeria, anyone praying for the downfall of my country shall fall and never rise again. Nnamdi Kanu, you have ruined your reputation and personality in this country, you will forever remain a fugitive till you appear in court and face your charges and then apologize to us for duping us and deceiving us.

I know you are waiting for Buhari to die or resign so you can appear from nowhere and Start again with your noise but unfortunately for you, you are a fugitive and Nigerian Supreme Court is waiting for you because Buhari didn’t make the laws you must answer for your sins.

And to all of you who believe and worship Kanu because he always say what you wanna hear, I just want to tell you people that you all have contributed Negatively to this country and negativity will never leave your lives until you repent from your foolishness.

By: Comrade Chigozirim Emeakayi.

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