The Poet: I’m Not A Game Boy

The Poet: I’m Not A Game Boy – El Farooq
(Dedicated To My Friend BAE)

If I had known that you’re ASEWO
On my heart I wouldn’t had let you DURO
But now you let me keep on PARIWO
All around the street with my lovely BIRO

I found only you as the real OMIDAN
Over the world that I do give love to GIDI GAN
Telling myself that ti aye mafi TAN
I won’t give my heart to another afi IWONIKAN

You’re like the bird called ADABA
That very day,I saw you as OMO DADA
thinking of to my success you’ll be the AKABA
Not knowing you will later be ALAKOBA

All over the street they call me oko OYINKAN
When your friends sees me they look as if won ri NKAN
Not knowing I and your Bestie I mean LEKAN
We are rival, oh my God! Oju mi ri NKAN

Every time he came I keep on PANUMON
Even Alabi do come here like EFON
Telling me he’s just a street brother I mean EGBON
But now all I have to say is mio se MON

I write to right the wrong.

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