Kaura’s One Year: A Living Dog Is Better Than A Dead LION – Aliyu Shehu

It is indeed with great pleasure and sincere intention I have decided to put these notes. Let’s not throw the baby with a bath water, we also shouldn’t get carried away by the mere fact that the APC led government of M. A Abubakar failed administration were chased out of the coat simply because they’ve lost focus to such an extent that it took the administration one term (one chance) due to grossed inability without accomplishing a 4KM Bauchi township road project, from Railway to CBN Roundabout. Despite, huge amounts of taxpayers money squandered.

Another knocked on the skull is the inability of the administration to fulfilled a singular electioneering promise out of the myriad of promises it made to the people, such as LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTION, JOB CREATION, etc. An occasion that led majority of the state citizens into an abject poverty, enormous hunger, and unquenchable thirst for common democratic dividends like, township road projects.

Need less to say therefore, that any serendipitous bulldozed effort and move by the successor, Governor Sen. Bala Muhammed to complete and accomplished those projects within it’s one year period is conspicuously a matter of captivating attention of the state electorates, who are in a dear and desperate thirst and hunger of township road projects as said earlier.

Moreover, we shouldn’t be carried away by the mere fact that one year good record is all enough to take us home and dry! No, many more is still expected from the government that made lot more electioneering campaign promises which among them are:

Sen. Bala Muhammad during the 2019 campaigns period accused his predecessor, the chased away M. A Abubakar (One Chance) of inflating the figure of the actual state payroll from N3.6 Billion to well accrued N5.7 Billion, but, surprisingly, in his (Kaura) interview with CHANNELS TV on the occasion of his hundred days into the government of Bauchi State, the incumbent was reported to have said that the amount was shot overzealously from what he has disputed in the past to an outrageous N7.5 Billion, the revelation left many right thinking citizens of Bauchi State into a doll drums.

Your Excellency, we need a critically and proper explanation as to what happened. How do we come about an additional N2.5 Billion? Is there crack’s? How do we get out of this cracks? Did you inherit an organised arrangements/employment from the previous administration?

Accretion to such an accrued figure sincerely speaking we can’t holds on to that till 2023.

I would be correct to say that Sen. Bala Abdulkadir Mohammad promised during campaigns to conduct a credible local government election every quarter as enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

Your Excellency, where are we in respect of the said Local Government Councils Elections in Bauchi State at the moment?

Now that there is assented Presidential order which gave a special recognition to States Legislature and Judiciary. Where do we stand on Local government autonomy?

As we have it in reports that the almighty Governor’s Forum have strongly condemned the autonomy of the legislature and judiciary in its entirety, my governor do you also share their views on that?

The President Executive Order No 10 is highly celebrated by many progressive minded individuals and I hope your stands on the matter is best on the question of public interest.


It is with candor, strong disapproval and revulsion that I want to address the plethora of publications, advertorials and exchanges that have been going on in respect of settlement of pension and gratuities and other.

ENTITLEMENTS: Looking at approved monthly amount of N100 Million, one would be forced to ask how many people are going to benefit from these figure?

We are not saying anything here, as the key to success in leadership include, but are not limited to, the ability of leaders to open communication channels and rally support among stakeholders.

Character is a cocktail in the success drive of leaders by keeping promises to the electorate, stakeholders and political interest groups.

Remember we would hold you rightly into your words come what may in 2023.

Just a tip of an iced bag!!!

By: ALIYU SHEHU, State Organizing Secretary, PRP Bauchi State Chapter.

Can be reached through, Email: abbansaad@gmail.com

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