The Poet: Tell The Teary, I Died

Tell the teary, I died
Long before their calls
I lost my last strength
In the court of life
I got ousted
My foot slipped at life brawl
I’ve been off my stance
Long before my noisy sprawl

Tell death, I died
Long before it came
I am no coward
I fear not her cain

I fought till my fist
Couldn’t rise again
And my feeble soul rips
Off my dying self
Through a mangled chest

Tell the monster, I left
Times before her claws
Came piercing my lungs
I ended an unending bout
With hope unseen
Or maybe a far!
From my periscope and thoughts

Tell it to the merchants
Of rumours and gossips
I left not for good, nor bad
Tell the Jurists
My fate stands undecided
I left for the land, I want
The land, they all never saw

By: Michael Adesiji

NB: This poem has got nothing to do with the writer’s feelings, thoughts or experience. It’s just what it is, a poem. The information therein should not be taken any serious. Thanks for your understanding.

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