Kaduna State: Water Everywhere But Still There Is No Water To Drink

The Role of KADRUWASSA In Response To Contain The Spread of COVID -19 Pandemic In Kaduna State.

Kadruwassa is Ensuring that water and sanitation systems are resilient and sustainable.

During COVID-19 and infectious disease outbreaks, Kadruwassa is assign to come up with an effective emergency response that can expand access to most basic public health interventions.

The agency provide sustainable WASH services by using renewable energy that is facilely to maintain at a time to increase water supply within communities.

This is both a short-term and a long-term requirement to save lives. Undisrupted community water supply chains, including production capacity that needs water, sanitation and hygiene services must be maintained at all costs.

Water, sanitation and hygiene works must also be regarded with sufficient protection to be able to provide us with such services without disruption.

In striving to protect people’s lives and strengthen the health of citizen’s community and support Kaduna State and national health systems in general amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kadruwassa provided water, sanitation and hygiene including utilities and sustainable facilities, i.e. facilities that operate continuously and fully for a long time (solar motorised bore hole and hand pump bore hole), are provided to safeguard the safety and health of individual and communities.

Also the agency is working closely with Washcom and other partners to ensure communities have access to fixed and portable water for drinking, handwashing facilities, soap or alcohol-based hand rubs, and reliable water supplies to enhance health of a community. We are also helping people understand the benefits of handwashing through educational and behavioral tools and tactics.

As we are now facing new, unforeseen challenges with COVID-19, Kadruwassa teams in the field are also providing direct support to the COVID-19 response in kaduna state communities, quickly adapting hygiene promotion to target a broader audience, moving campaigns online given the limitations on face-to-face social mobilization, and putting an emphasis on different transmission pathways of COVID.

Related by: Bilyaminu Abdullahi Snk

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