Rejoice Not Yet, Tinubu Is Not Done With – Biyi Richard

Tinubu they don’t know. He defied all corporate persuasion and delved into the murky waters of politics in 1991. Others would have been satisfied as a Treasurer in Mobil plc, an oil firm conglomerate. Not Tinubu. He dropped his resignation letter and bid the oil octopus a final goodbye.

He pitched his tent with the Primrose group, where the likes of Dapo Sarumi and Yomi Edu were already holding forth. They were Major General Shehu Yardua’s political soldiers..

Eventually, Tinubu campaigned for the Senatorial ticked and won resoundingly and emerged as the Senator with the largest vote, country wide during that era. He would have become the Senate President but for the ambition of MKO Abiola, where he was prevailed upon to defer his ambition. Senator Tinubu later mobilized for Senator Iyorcha Ayu who eventually became the Senate President..

He was enraged when Babangida annulled the June 12 election that was won by Abiola “fair and square”. He even mobilized his mother and Other of her Lagos women to prevail on IBB at Aso Rock to de-annul the June 12 election. ” Babangida, ngbo, wonni e’nilo? Iro ni, ema lo oo'( Babangida, they alleged you wouldn’t go, you must go”!) declared Alhaja Mogaji Tinubu inside Aso rock lairs, face-to-face with the dictator, who called himself an evil genius.

When Shonekan was already inaugurated as an Interim National Government President and it appeared the June 12 was being confined into the dustbin of history, it was Tinubu that engaged Professor Kasumu to drag the ING to Court. That eventually culminated to the earthshaking judgement of Justice Akinsanya who later declared the ING illegal..the rest is now history. Hear him:

“The case that went to the court, to Justice Dolapo Akinsanya was engineered and proposed by me, as an elected representative of the people. I was going to challenge the ING, its legitimacy, through Professor Kasumu. Prof. Kasumu was never Abiola’s lawyer. Prof. Kasumu drafted the case on that day. We reviewed it. We were about to go to court and I mentioned to Abiola, what I was about to do. Abiola invited Prof. Kasumu to meet with him. Kasumu met with him. He said we’ll, maybe Abiola himself as the candidate, the custodian of the mandate, should really go for it. We changed it overnight, turned the case round. Eventually Abiola took the case to court. Prof. Kasumu won the case. Justice Dolapo Akinsanya declared the ING illegal.”

I saw pyrrhic dance of so called victory all over the place. It’s quite obvious, many don’t know the man they think they are singing his political dirge. They don’t know Asiwaju Tinubu, the political gamesmaster.

Rejoice not yet.

By: Biyi Richard Orilabawaye

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