World Record: Top 10 Countries With The Highest Female Population

The debate in most countries around the world, is that there are more men than women, but countries with more females are also many, study shows that the difference is not desirable, the number of men are slightly more than the number of women in the world as a whole.

However, according to the world bank data, there are countries where females are more than men. These countries also have large number of educated women that have high level of income but cannot find partners.

Here are 10 countries where women outnumber their men:

10. Aruba

This is a tiny dutch island off the coast of Venezuela, have long beaches and sunny weather. Women make up 52.50% of the population and the number of women in the workforce is increasing. Women outnumber men in services and sales position.

9. Portugal

This is a country that is known for it’s lovely climate, beautiful beach, resorts, beautiful architecture, a vibing culture and attract millions of tourists every year. Women make up 52.70% of the population.

8. Hong Kong

Formal british colony in South eastern China. Women in Hong Kong make up 53.10% of the population. The figure of single Hong Kong women living alone increased to 43.8% during the past 3 decades. Women in Hong Kong have now become financially independent and career focused.

7. Estonia

This is a country in northern europe, the proportion of the female is 53.20% of the total population. According to the statistics, Estonia has one of the highest rate of literacy for women in the world and they have very beautiful and intelligent women.

6. Russia

Russia is a country in eastern Europe and north Asia, women in Russia make up 53.3% of the total population. The gender ratio in Russia is currently 86.8 men per 100 women.

5. Armenia

Located between Asia and Europe and a former Soviet republic. Women in Amernia make up 53.60 of the population. Women in Armenia have gained prominence in entertainment, politics and public field.

4. Ukraine

A large country in eastern Europe, known for its black sea coast line and forested mountains. Women in Ukraine make up 53.70% of the population. Women life expectancy in Ukraine is 74 years.

3. Curacao

A dutch carrabean highland known for its beaches and it’s expensive buildings rich with Marine life. Their female population is 53.90% of the total population. The majority of women here are between the ages 15-64 years.

2. Lithuania

In Lithuania the case is not different when it comes to the camparison between the male and female population. The female population here is 54.00% of the total population.

1. Latvia

Located between Lithuania and Estonia, it’s land scape is marked by wide beaches and rainforests. The proportion of the females is 54.10% to the total population.

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