The Poet: Magnet With Radiant Rays

Magnet with radiant rays, she shine,
magnifies scent of smell like mellow,

Magnum cent can’t be bought, not for sell,
more powerful than calibre, she is a shooter.
rare in rain of reign of thousands to come.

Magnitude of attitude like latitude
above the horizon in the zone she can’t be zoomed for her glitter like light in the night.

Smile spur with smash that wash like ash
not easy to break, but easy to brand to be
brave. raver of our time cross rivers across.

Grow and groom good men of our time,
without going an inch beyond her room,

Super hero who suffer in suppress with
no rest, she in nest like a bird without fly.

Chores while chorus of love in low allude
the heart, even in the heat she cooks for the household to eat, holder but not older with wonder, she wander to Randers she is a ranger, ridges that pour food for the world.

Mash out fruit’s flavours to taste
and fresh the minds, melter of metal
who mending at the ending for love.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

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