Headers’ Group Call On Bauchi State Governor To Check Sales of Cattle Routes By Authorities In Shira LG

Headers group named Zaman Lafiya Unity Forum call on the Governor Bala Mohammed to urgently tackle the issue of sales of Cattle Routes in Shira Local Government Area of Bauchi State.

The group through a letter addressed to the Bauchi State Governor, dated 6th July, 2020, by its lawyer, Barr S. G Idrees, reads in part thus:

“Your Excellency, it is a known fact that there are Cattle Routes (Labi or Burtali) which runs from somewhere around Potiskum, Gamawa, Shira, Ningi, Bauchi, Toro, Jos and beyound. And that is the case in all the parts of Nigeria, which have being accessible for the transportation if cattle for ages, but the story is becoming history as some traditional title holders have being using their position and are making huge money from the sales and lease of the cattle route to farmers for farming purpose whuch ia antithetical to the reason for its establishment in the first place.”

The group continued that:

“We have heard reliably that after series of complaint to authority that Shira Local Government is now resorting into leasing out the land to farmers for a fee, ignoring the fact that the users of this cattle routes are not necessarily farmers and most of them are not settlers, as such, they may clash with farmers whenever their cattle came in contact with crops on the Cattle Routes, as no alternative routes were created or provided for them.

Sir, these types of bad practices if allowed to fester, will soon deprived us of the fragile peace we are enjoying at the moment, as this practice is just like setting up a time bomb left to explore at an unexpected time. “

“Your Excellency, our client has previously attempted at trying to find a lasting solution of the issue through the Local Government Council, but it appeared to them that the persons involved which includes the Dagacin Tsafi Umaru Abdulmalik (Late), Sarkin Zainabari (Bello Murabus), Ya’u Teka and Asga Nagalabu, and the Local Government as demonstrated by the Deputy Chairman if the Shira LGA.” The group’s lawyer said.

They concluded by appealing to the Governor to used his office and take necessary steps to avert calamity. And urge him to treat the complaint with dispatch.

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