The Poet: Village Trying To Imitate City

City is replica races, Plastic flowers
Lip service glitters. Hushpuppi lovers

City is filled with Dumebi the slay Queen
Their demands and drama can slay dreams

City is the real concrete jungle
Where mass will go out and not mingle

City loves to follow every trend
And prefers to use emoji to hug a friend

City is satisfied with online bliss
Getting Slivers with Judas kiss

City’s business is selfish
Where dreams die as a wish

City is always after money
No time to enjoy nature’s honey

City fixes price on everything
Emeka makes profit on everything

City is cultural interference
City’s life is social indifference

City keep turning us to robots
Too bad. Nothing can stop the import

I say is such a pity
Village trying to imitate city

By: Peter Ekpe

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