Sen. Halliru Buying cars for former GOVERNORS And taking 3.5 billions to purchase exotic CARS BY GOVERNOR Bala, Response To Musa Azare – Comr. Muhammed Ishaq

Gifting Car Fad: Response To Musa Azare

Buying cars for former governors, which was reportedly done by Senator Halliru Jika of Bauchi Central, is wrong, unreasonable and unjustifiable. But we should also remember that taking 3.5 billions to purchase exotic cars for some state government and party officials by the Bauchi State Governor was abysmal, reprehensible, and equally irrational!

As true and sincere citizens, our criticisms should be characterized with air of balance, justice, and unbiased sentiment! We should not consider ourselves scrupulous if we can condemn one person and spare another for similar actions that both committed.

Buying exotic cars for federal lawmakers and party officials with the resources of Bauchi State citizens which the Bauchi State Governor did recently was more terrible and ludicrous and should had been condemned in stronger terms than buying cars for just three former governors which Senator Halliru Jika did, even though both actions are wrong, inconsiderate and irrational!

The position of PDP chairman is not part of the Bauchi State Government but the chairman was among the beneficiaries of the exotic cars purchased by the Bauchi State Governor through the ADDA Nigeria Limited! Is this not more disreputable and morally odoriferous???

But you kept quiet when all these ignominious and unconscionable deals took place!

Perhaps the conscience of Musa Azare was asleep or in hibernation when all these execrable and opprobrious incidents happened.

Or maybe you were observing ‘table manners’. Right?

Anyway, my advice is that our dealings should not be laden with blatant double standard and brazen selectivity!

By: Comrade Muhammed Ishaq,

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