Breakdown of NDDC’s N81.5 Billion

Mr. Godwin Onoghokere, Public Analyst, Nigeria.

It is annoying to hear of these huge monetary figures stolen and squandered by the regional leaders with their boyfriends, girlfriends, associates and contractors!

They will always blame others for the region’s woes and backwardness!

These self-styled leaders sponsored many protests, militancy, all for their own pockets and not for the region!
If they did all those for the region, we all would have felt or seen the impact.

They will always shout marginalization, nepotism, witch-haunting, oppression from others; whereas they are the devils incarnate in the region.

It is reported that over $40BN has been given to NDDC for the region’s development since year 2000 yet, the region gloom in outer darkness of development!
Nothing, absolutely nothing to see as evidence of any infrastructural or human development!

These are the same people crying for ‘regional resource control and restructuring’; these are their mindsets – satanic agendas!

13% oil derivations, Niger Delta ministry is another department where these illicit hawks from the Niger Delta region, perch monthly stealing huge $BN.

These financial blessings to the region is more than enough to turn this region into paradise; every child to get scholarship, every one to get various assistance for businesses’ progress, every life to get a viable meanings but few, very few individuals took all these monies away and made the region and the people more poorer!

What is your joy being a leader while your people are living in abject poverty & all infrastructures in darkness of good things?

All the leaders of the Niger Delta region conspired and stole all these monies.

All the regional leaders, including religious leadership, traditional leaders that were very vocal have now become mute because their satanic evils is being bursted!

They and their entire families will suffer the consequences!

It shall not be well with them all; they shall all suffer in hell fire!

1) Covid-19 – N31.4 Billion
2) Oversea Travel – N85.6 Million
3) Maintenance – N220 Million
4) Legal services – N900 Million
5) Lassa fever – N1.956 Billion
6) Community Relations – N1.3 Billion
7) Impress – N790.9 Million
8) Condolences – N122.9 Million
9) Consultancy – N83 Million
10) DTA – N486 Million.

By: Godwin Onoghokere

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