The Poet: Life of A Comrade

Might’ve been looking great, but I ain’t Ajebota, I came from ‘Average Home’ with negative stories and experiences on today’s struggles.

Ain’t proud, rude or competing with nobody! But radical with confidence, self esteem and determination of changing the whole story.

Gallantly striving all round the clock, for the believe I have in hard works rather than lucks!

The harder I push, the further the dream seems. But I still believe I’ll get there by either running, walking or even crawling!

Loved ones are regretting why I choose to be Comrade, almost the same way friends think it’s a ‘Day Dream’ and a total waste of time.

But to me it’s a ‘Revolutional Mission’ that I’m not prepared to give up, until I open the door for generations to come and prove to them it can be done.

Even if it doesn’t pay off! I’ll not quit or sleep at home! For I rather die on my fits, than to live on my Kneels.

I’ve been Comrade, I’ll always be!
Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta!

By: Comrade Hamza Isa Yashi

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