The Argument On 774,000 JOBS Laid To Rest – Lauretta Onochie

This is the Approved 2020 reversed budget and Nõ 25 specifically laid the argument to rest

The project was approved, appropriated, and domiciled in the National Directorate of Employment, NDE, for execution while other’s projects are domiciled in the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment.

The rule of law must be applied in everything we do under the current President, Muhammadu Buhari. As he is, so he expects all of us to be. Let’s abide by our laws.

The DG of NDE, Dr. Nasir Ladan, along with his team at the NDE, designed the programme and carried out the pilot scheme of the same programme in the selected eight states.

Let’s stop complicating simple issues by taking advantage of a docile media that does not investigate to inform Nigerians correctly.

NDE will complete the good job they started.
God bless Nigeria.

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