Why A Soldier Killed His Commander In Bama

Lautenant B. S Ngorgi, who was killed by a fellow soldier in Bama on the Wednesday 29th July, 2020, was said to have been on the phone speaking with his wife, when he was attacked from behind, taking six gun shots from the gun of his fellow officer, who was believed to be having a misunderstanding with the victim.

The victim who did not survive the gun shots, was confirmed to have been into marriage for few months, and he’s now dead, leaving behind a widow.

However, the killer has been identified to be one Uzonna Maduabuchi, according to a post on twitter, Uzonna Maduabuchi is a fellow soldier, to late B.S Ngorgi, though Maduabuchi’s rank is not yet disclosed, see picture below.


Maduabuchi served along side late Ngorgi in 2 Battalion of 21 Special Armoured Brigade Bama, Borno State.

In view of the report by the Nigerian Army Headquarters, Maduabuchi went out of his mind, shot and killed Ngorgi.

This was revealed on Thursday, in Abuja, by the Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Col. Sagir Musa.

Col. Sagir revealed that the accused is in custody and would be tried and persecuted accordingly, meanwhile, the family of the victim has since been notified.

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