The Poet: Life Has No Guarantee

Life has no guarantee,
guarantor is the death,

Sleeping is a death for a while,
snoring never guarantee your
awake, even though the day will break,

darkness in the night,
might never gurantee
the coming of the light.

In the morning sunshine might come,
stars will appear in the dark hours,
eye might close.

Sorrow might darken your heart,
river will flow for a while.

I might be nija in the dark,
I am soldier in the day.

Tell me a story for while,
who has never die in a history of a man?

I will tell you, the answer is no!

Only The God of alamin is alone,
He is before the humang race,
He be will at the end, He is the
Only One, that will guarantee all lives.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

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