The Poet: Beware of Evil Friend

The evil friend he is devil,
when you see one run away,
so diabolical in nature,

The evil friend never confesses
his plan, he strikes with raid
in rain drops with thunder.

When he wants to destroy you
he never tells you I am
coming to get rid of you.

He sucks your blood,
he is a vampire, the slayer
of what you lay down,

He will make sure you never
breathe, he wishes you are broke
and break in silent.

He is a silent achiever in his
conspiracy without mercy.

You reveal your plan,
he plans to plot against you.

He plunges the fruits
of your hard labour,
he demolishes like Tsunami,
he wishes you are his errand boy forever.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

One thought on “The Poet: Beware of Evil Friend”

  1. One must always be aware about such friends! Here is what happens when one decides to trust a friend too much.

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