The Poet: ADA, The First Daughter of Valour

ADA is the beauty of the Idoma nation and glory
Smeared with beauty and scars that tells a reflection story.

ADA is blessed with crown of beads
And Love is the emblem of her creed
A thick lips of smiles she shares,

A warm embracing of a dimple she bare
She could sing her mother’s song and dance
That attracts a hive of bees and men for a chance.

And when she bounce from her behind, you wish
You paid her bride price to enjoy her local dish
She is the image of an African queen
The apple on the eyes of a king.

She boast of her green-foothills
And could use styles for her head-ties
Her smiles beams like the full moon
For the sun is her concubine in the noon
Protruding more prettiness of her colour
A first daughter worth a man’s valour.

She is the joy of every mother
The best kind of a sister, that supports the father
Her strength found within her chest.

And her humble pride she wears as a vest
From the little dreams she had in many
And the future walls she is building
from her penny.

You have mocked her from your mannish ego
Still her happiness is drawn from her heart of gold.

The name ADA blows forth a strength
From Ole to every length and breath
In Idomaland, She is a symbol of true passion
Raising dreams of our future generations.

Dedicated to my mum of blessed memory. ADA like no other. I celebrate all the ADA’S.

By: Peter Ekpe

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