The Poet: When I Die

When I die, never weep,
it wipe my heart, my soul
travels through, oceans.

When I die, I am so weak
my limbs can’t move, I will
be mourned by my loved ones.

When I die, I will be soaring
through the sky, never skip
an inch on my journey.

The world is a transition camp be
calm never qualm, your are on transit.

When the Angel of death visit,
soul shock and shrink in fear
and disapear don’t dispise me,
when I am gone, you will go too.

It’s a journey of no return,
turn to God, pray for respite.

Respect the dead,
when I die, pray for me.

When I die, I can hear your
voices over my dead body,
be kind to me, say good about
me or be mute, I count on you.

When I die, tell them the good
things, they suppose to know
about me, not what you want
them to know about me.

I am once like you, be gentle
over me, when I die, I dim away
within a blink of an eye.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

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