The Poet: Queen Amina

Queen who question audacity
of kings and queueing men
behind her with confidence.

Fighting fearlessly with pride
forwarding with her battalion
forcing and forging ahead to
Kwararafa and Nupe land
to conquered men, restlessly.

Amina, a Zazzau’s warrior
legend of sixteen century,
she has adoration for her
younger sister zaria,
whom her sister’s name
was named the emirate.

Daughter of King Nikatau
the 22nd ruler of Zazzau,
Daughter of Bakwa
Turunku of Zazzau.

She grown up in her
grandfather’s company,
who compassion was
compasses through
carrying her around the
court and learned military
and politics under him.

She is beautiful at sixteen,
have many numbers of suitors
the Makama and Sarkin kano
proposed to her and attempted
to marry her but she resisted
when she was Magajiya
She got forty Kuyanga as gift.

She succeeded her brother
king Karama, lead the Calvary,

She single handed and
expanded the territory of
Habe to the largest borders
in history of Hausa people
of north Africa.

She introduced the farming
of Kalanut in habe’s land
Aminatu, created trade
routes throughout north
Africa, she left the legacy
of Hausa’s fortifications
for security reasons.

Men of Katsina, Kano and
Bornu brought her tribute.

Her war in Bauchi and
other towns in south
and the west waging
towards the shores of
the sea present day
of Niger, a female
with possession of
male capability.

I pledge to Hausa my pride.

By: Comr. Auwal Uba Mustapha

2 thoughts on “The Poet: Queen Amina”

  1. Femi Fanikayode calling Daily Trust Reporter “stupid” is quite uncalled for, and it is arrogance of the highest order. Infact other reporters should have walked out of him immediately he uttered such word.


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