If My Manhood Is Found Guilty, Let It Be Cut Off, Let The Law Take Its COURSE

“If My Manhood Is Found Guilty, Let It Be Cut Off, Let The Law Take Its Course” – Sallaman Kanam

We are only secured when the law is allowed to take its fullest effects on anyone among us found in the criminal act of conspiracy or directly involved in perpetuating the kidnapping of our people.

The hallmark of leadership is when those responsible to lead must dispense justice without fear nor favor.

When we were young, I used to hear Sallaman Kanam said, “idan bakin azakari na yayi laifi a yanka” (if my manhood is found to be guilty of any act against the law, it should be cut off).

One day I felt worried because at such a tender age I found the expression very vague and therefore asked him what it means. His reply was that you are my children and now I am saddled with the responsibility of leadership over the whole people of Kanam Kufai, even if you as my biological children are found going against the law, I will not spare you. I will use you to set example.

Like joke, one day his first grant son misbehaved and he ordered for his arrest and detention. Everyone in the community was shocked. Those who knows him very well said Sallama can do more than this.

We must therefore stand up and be firmed in ensuring that anyone found to be involved is allowed to face the law of the land. People should please not take laws into their own hands. We must allow law to treat anyone found including those related to us by blood, faith, or where we live accordingly.

No one should be spared!

Comrade ND Shehu Kanam
Community and Rural Development Advocate

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