A Woman Who Marries Two Men, Said It’s Better Than One Man

I thought marriage was supposed to be between a man and a woman? Isn’t that how God instituted the whole thing ? One man, one woman. But today in this generation, we are already seeing a man marrying another man and also a woman marrying another woman. All going against the will of God and what he commands us to do in the Holy Bible.

These kind of marriages are completely unacceptable in God’s eyes but it is becoming a normal thing in the world we live in today. Some powerful leading countries in the world have even legalized it and some of these marriages take place in churches, led by supposed men of God. Only God can have such mercy.

Now, as I’ve said already, same sex marriage is not a new thing anymore. The one that got me surprised and shocked is the recent one I saw people reacting to on social media earlier today. A lady alleged that she got married to two men at the same time.

She made a tweet about it on her twitter account, using “marrying two men is greater than marrying one,” as a caption to pictures of herself and her husbands which people were quick to react to.

Some were shocked out of their minds, while others claim to be jealous of the lady. The tweet that got me to write this is the comment, “what is the world turning to?”

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