The Poet: The Flying Goat

The land is deserted,
Encroachment has taken over,
We are drown, down to drought…

Our vegetation has faded for decades.
climate change has changed us.

Even the goat can fly now
from the bare land through
the fence to fetch from tree.

Birds and the bards are envious,
Your song is composed by bard.
Your song is sung by bird.

Hunger has no friend, we are
all hanging in the air, dying for food.

The Leaders cut across religion
or region dine and wine together.

We have become their puppets
by using ethnicity for vested interest.

The land has become dry and brown
they borrow monies without investing.

Save lives with part of the money,
plant more trees, we can flourish.
green land everywhere, can save lives.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

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