The Poet: Nation of Wonders

Ours is nation of wonders
We are rich in nature eat by vultures,

Our culture, it cultivate our nature,
We are rape by accumulators of power,
We are stand still in capture.

Our is vehicle with spare of tyres,
We are helpless with tyreless.

Ours is nation in motion,
When we have locomotion with notion.

Ours is great nation, when there is action,
Ours is nation in detrition by distributors
of division.

Ours is nationhood with hope, when we hook together with our conversation and contribution.

Ours is nation in commotion of corruption.

Ours is nation with agitation of separation,
now our options is to move forward as nation.

We are all actors, as we the conductors
of the nation to be in motion.

Let’s all support our nation.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

Happy @60 Independence!

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