The Poet: The Sky Falls In Rain

The sky falls rain
The rainbow rumbles it,
The sun shines the day,

The moon shines the night,
mood has changed my dawn,
the stars blink my eyes.
my star has left me,
tears flow down to my cheeks.

Memories of my late dad
haunt me in the hood,
we miss him.

We hang in silence,
look forward to hug him again,
it hurts the heart.

On fifth October, twenty nineteen,
cock crow clock ticking,
everyone mourning in the morning.
the time was eight thirty prompt,
my strength has failed,
my appetite has gone.

Blended in bleeding, weeping in grief
I am blunt, the day was grown in grey,
we never greeted to say bye.

Blessing shall be with you,
Paradise shall be your home.

Amin ya RABBIL alamin.

By: Maryam Abdulfatah Makinde & Auwal Uba Mustapha.

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