The poet: faith and pharmacy in the time of covid-19

The rich and poor both feel my fame
like a roaring flame,engulf all on my

For can’t you see,can’t you see
break the unbreakable,
break your economy and faith.

You like hiding your identity
claim that your hands are clean,
wear a mask and sanitize
for the death cause is no man’s fault
but rather nature.

You shall overcome it’s your and blood,
No professor, neither a lecture but only
working together can tame a destructive

Even when you can’t see your way
stand in faith,
When you feel like you can’t face another
day stand in faith.

Even when the covid19 symptoms want to flow
from your throats stand in faith
knowing that he is always there for you
to lean on stand in faith.

Even when you felt like a chemist
mixing a concoction that you would never get
back acid on a tongue,
chasing compounds that you thought would
end the pain but couldn’t afford enough.

Drug prices have gone skyrocket,
drug tariff hasn’t increased,
we dispense at a loss,we deliver at loss.
even in the time of covid19 lockdown
staff Morale is low,
No time for coffee let alone lunch.
we close the pharmacy in order to
try and eat,
but the phone just rings constantly.

In the time of covid19 lockdown
cancel bank holidays,
come to work, open the pharmacies,
you just carry on working,
we are told ,and we do comply.

Our work has tripled, public abuse and disorder have risen, staff are in self isolation.

A bridge is built at the river and power is
given to the weak.
one day’s lord we have to bear
we are never required to stagger
And his faithfulness is sure.

Allah prefects all that concerns us
And by our faith, we will endure
Allah has the power to restore.

So we are never without faith
no matter the shape we are in ,
Allah can take our fragmented

Put them together again
so if you’re broken beyond measures
and you don’t know what to do
stand in faith.

The only way to survive, is by joining heads
lock your doors for it roaming the streets
stay alert for like and assassin,
you never know it target.

When faith fade and dreams die.
And find no answer by asking why,

Just keep on trusting
and hand on to faith.

Because Allah is just
He never makes mistakes.
should the storm’s come and trials must face.
when find no solution rest in Allah’s grace
when life seems unfair and more than can take.

Look up to the Allah
Allah sees our struggle and every bend in the road
But no mistake is ever made cause the weights every load.
“Life’s Daily Doses”remind us to
take one day at a time ,Allah’s grace
and faith will meet us and Allah’s
mercy will renew us each new day.

We have to see patients in person,
GP’s consult by phone
we don’t even have PPE or a screen
to stay at home ,get tested for covid19.

As Nations cower in fear for many grab
victims in a day
for once they see something worse than war
for one they see humanity is worth fighting for.

What goes up must come
No authority is higher than faith
it break the laws of a normal condition
But I’ll never break the so ~called men Bend
them to their breaking points
once they kill me,they forget my wrath and
once again I’ll strike.

As so suffer also try and learn from mistakes.
As you go down Tauhid still
there’s more to cope
maintain the togetherness
and there will be no harm
share the little you have Before it
strike and leave you with none.

Even when you feel like giving up
in faith
Even in those times you feel so all
isolated stand in faith
Hold on and be strong, for He is still
on the thrones
stand in faith

Even when it’s hard to believe stand in faith
knowing that He can change your situation
suddenly stand in faith

And believe that he has already made the
evidence of things not seen
so stand in faith.


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