The poet: country with foreign flag


Who will understand me?

If I write on the wall,
They’ll call me mad,
If I call them corrupt,
They’ll send me to dungeon,
If I talk my mind,all broadcasting media will change their news headline,
I won’t blame them,
It’s what makes them look better,
Yes ,better than assassins,
Or worse than murderers,
I’ll speak my mind,
I’m a global sky painter,
I won’t bother,
Who will understand me?

Look at them,
The multilated little girls,
In their teen stage,
With bulging tummies,
Babies carrying babies,
And the old moths?,
They drive with pride,
After awarding them ,
They give fake school sponsorship,
To the beautiful flowers,
Girls and boys,
Eroding their future,
Who will understand me?,

Look at Mr Misfortune,
Loitering from shop to shop,
Carrying tax collection kit,
In the name of an officer,catch a glimpse of his a million and one whores,
Feeding them with peasant’s sweat,
Look at mama kibanda,
And that ice cream vendor,
Why do you over tax the poor?
You’re a miserable,
Who will understand me?

Why do we celebrate our 57 years of the so called freedom?,
Freedom when we’re still under cages,
Night time is no more a resting time,
It’s time to think of blood spilled,
Time to think of intruding rapists,
I’m talking
From the darkest world,
But I standing at the highest and brightest moonlit estate,
Who will understand me?


The 21years old Queen she is a Kenyan poetess and novelist, she has degree in Education Geography and Business. Authored two books my proposed suitors and royal secret box, she also has many students that she is coaching in poetry.

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