The poet: FAITH over fear


I find it comical when
some people say
“You changed Tone”

That’s only because you
only know the younger
version of me, so you’re
unfamiliar with the grown

This is the result of many
leaving me to be the
struggle on my own Tone

To now I no longer need
you because I’ve become
the I made it on my own

Been gave my number out
but many just didn’t pick up
the phone

Been making passionate
love to my dreams it’s just
now the world is starting
to hear the loud moans

And the louder my dreams
get the harder I hit it

So many people have given
up on me but God was
never wit it

That’s why everyday my eyes
are blessed to be open I give
God the praise and the glory

When so many people
dismissed the book of my life
but God kept providing the pen
that continued to write my story

And with every chapter that
story has been better and better

I’m still making that same
passionate love to my dreams
because my dreams are still
getting wetter

To anyone who has big dreams
but you lack the support of
family and friends

Don’t get discouraged, be
encouraged by God’s promise
because with God you’ll
always win

That’s what God does,
God makes winners

Don’t be surprised when
you’re only hungry for a snack
and God somehow provides
you with a whole dinner

I live my life everyday by these
three words… FAITH OVER FEAR

These are the three words that
have allowed me to survive and
thrive in this crazy 2020 year

So no I didn’t change,
I just grew

And the same miracles God
has provided for me God
can provide for you

Just simply choose

That’s how you really can
and will make 2021 your year


Anthony is a poet and author, he is also a family man with three lovely daughters living in Harlem, New York City of U.S.A.

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