The poet: imperfect me

I am a woman of purity
A care giver and a heart saver
Yet no one knows me
I love alot yet hurt alot
Am sorry to say but I can’t define myself
It’s just me the ordinary me

I’m not classy base on description
Yet a sight of me scares love from its hiding place
Talk more of beauty
Am usually a redicule to lads
Well I await your definition

Sometimes I go to school with messy hair
Sometimes my dressing isn’t fair
It doesn’t matter though,
The “A”s for a scholarship is my one and all
But “F”s finds its way to all and none

I am not rich
Am so imperfect
Not that regular girl every guy trips for
Yet my presence spices up every discussions
I’m not your class
I can’t afford a present
And your friends?
I can’t face
Yet you don’t give me space

Who am I?
Why me?
Of all girls
You call me a woman of dignity
Maybe with you I can discover my identity.


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