The poet : amidst the scars I nurse


O’ that these feelings do erase
By liquor,straws or depths that rage
This laden heart, if kept at bay
Profit thee what of its damage
No better pain, a while Bethphage
Thus to the cross, their voices raise.

What throbs my heart’s not yond or near
Neither’s it in the wind I know
I sought for love and life that’s dear
For ages reign none came, but lo
My trust in Fates changed for a pear
They did delve me a fatal blow
Not even the Deathly Hallows
Could save this faith that’s turned to fear.

And thus my friends did say to me
“Why mourn the loss of just a pie
It’s fair that one may want to see
Had he been told nowt but a lie”
Tho’ birds in cage will one day fly
Yet strings in me do disagree.

Come feel my heart, depth of my soul
Look thus and see the walls I build
That part of ‘moi’ that made me whole
Has long been bond in kales afield
Great were the pains my heart did shield
For years all sole, alength Sheol
I did thus strife to make drums roll
That from these thorns, roses may yield.


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