The story: Blood is the colour of Man


Mum discovered five used sanitary pads in my room

What are these ?

I emm eeee was ..

I couldn’t say anything sensible, my mum was so disappointed , from the look on her face I knew I had numerous questions to answer.

We have to talk when you are done disposing that , she angrily shut my door and left my room

And mum can easily sieve lie from truth, I can’t lie to her with this neither can I tell her the truth

Okay can you tell me why you decide to save used sanitary pads in your drawer

With her eyes fixed on mine.

With tears flooding my face I said , she was supposes to come for it last night .

Who is she..?

She comes three days after every month mensuration

she has never missed the routine for the past six months

Mum raised her hand signaling me to calm down a little

How did all this start?

The first time it happened, I had a dream, where I was trying to change my used sanitary pad, Then a Lady appeared in Black wedding Dress, Stretched her hands her nails were painted blood red, as if been pulled by an invisible force, gave her the used pad, She smiled and said “Blood is the Colour of man”

I awoke, I was thinking it was all a Terrible nightmare till I found myself in the Habit of saving up my used sanitary pads, The same lady appears in my room every month to collect those used pads.

Mum shook her head in pity, she was already crying, I was crying too, she held me, And why haven’t you told me this for the past seven months, I wanted to talk, But was too scared to speak Because the Lady in Black just walked in, I was sure Mum didn’t see her she smiled and whispered “BLOOD IS THE COLOUR OF MAN” .
she walked out of the room through the wall


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