The poet: Jewelry

A precious possession
A treasure so precious
With pressure radiates
In form of diamonds
In form of gold
In form of gems and pearls

Enhancer of radiance
Mystical elegance
Magical beauty
Swift adornement of its bearer

In various species
In forms of diamond, gold, gems, beads, topaz or sapphire
Carved and designed
To take bountiful structures
To adorn and grace

Brightens up its bearer
Like the moon brightens up the dark night
An appearance devoid of it is likened to a dish with no spice
An incomplete avatar

In form of strands appear as gems and beads
To jingle and dangle
With every movement singing its praise

Adorns its bearer
In various positions
On the neck its close to the heart
On the wrist its close to the vein
On the ear in a dark hole that looks radiant with its presence
On the finger signifying power and love

As a gift
To express love and care
Cherished and adored.


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