The poet: letter to my crush

Dagger slash through
my heart as the
winter breeze
slashed my skin,

A voice echoed
recurred a feeling,
Hidden beneath
roses and soils
comported in my heart.
Its roots stretch
deep into my soul,

Watered by unending
desires it grows,
Flapping it flowers,
showering my life
with scenting leaves,
And it keep me yearning.

Sparked by
throbbing pain,
It staggered absorbing
the pleasure
I immersed myself in.
This feeling interpret
me a fool in love,

Fool in love
indeed is what I am,
My calling heart ignored,
Feelings left at bay,
Smiles not appreciated.

This feeling
Is not to be buried,
Or left behind.
This feeling
Is a feeling to remember.


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