The poet: Dream for Nigeria

Dared to dream
Within a realm of hope
Where aurora will emerge
As victory against the dark cloud
That has taken hold
Of the nation’s right to light

Dared to dream
Of a nation with people
Like an asterism of stars
From North, East, West, and South
To create a pattern in unity
To take the path of peace
To all and for all

Dared to dream
Of a nation with an honoured pledge
Where her anthem is upheld
With meaning actualised
For the truth it represents
For the nation it envisage

Dared to dream
Of a nation secured for all
Where bloodshed goes extinct
With sentiments barnished
Greed and selfishness abolished
Corruption crippled
Oppression seized
In the spirit of brotherhood
In honour of good will and progress
For all to thrive

Dared to dream
Of a nation with no heed to crisis
With no need for hatred
With no chants for division
No chants for destruction
With hands on deck by all
Irrespective of region and religion
To uphold her splendour
To enjoy her bounty and resources
Together as one
To fight all that seeks to wreck her peace
Her people, her pride

Dared to dream
Of a nation with leaders who dare to care
Deserving of their mantle
In truth, honesty, and dedication
Upholding their pledge
For the good of the people
For the growth of the nation
As the giant that it is
The African giant

Dared to dream
For the sacrifice of peace made by heroes of the past
Who dared to loose sight of the shore
To cross the ocean must be treasured
For this dream shall come alive
Together we should
Together we can
So help us God


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