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The poet: the chauvinist

Let’s deliberateand liberate chauvinist,uncivilize;let’s obliterate the overates,the so acclaimed literatestill in ignorancenever filter derogancefrom his utterances,you can’t differentiatehim from animal. He is not betterthan illiterate,behave with arrogance,hive in nest of birds,he has never flown away. Dreaming, he has known all,while he is under the foot. He thought you are food to be served,he is not … Continue reading The poet: the chauvinist

The poet: cherish all souls

ALAS! CHERISH ALL SOULS O. Alas! Cherish all souls O;Cleanse the wavy hearts,Dazzle the frowning faces,Bonfire the lost emotions O,Peace the tortured minds. Oh! Son and daughter of earth;Love, care and flood with prayers,Thou shall not hate but forgive,Thou shall not judge but understand,Appreciate don’t discriminate. Aye! Solemnize the victories;Palace all the efforts O man,Warm … Continue reading The poet: cherish all souls

The poet: we are not monsters

We are not monsters We are not monstersWe are not beastsWe are not aliens from an abyssWe are like the stars in the skyWe glitter at our given hourWe do not make the rules but the rules but they are ours to changeWe are not monstersWe just seek delightAnd fading are our lightsWhen the candle … Continue reading The poet: we are not monsters

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