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The poet: the chauvinist

Let’s deliberate
and liberate chauvinist,
let’s obliterate the overates,
the so acclaimed literate
still in ignorance
never filter derogance
from his utterances,
you can’t differentiate
him from animal.

He is not better
than illiterate,
behave with arrogance,
hive in nest of birds,
he has never flown away.

Dreaming, he has known all,
while he is under the foot.

He thought you are food to be served,
he is not more than banana in monkey’s hand.

Moderate yourself,
don’t be complicated,
Education cautions.


The poet: cherish all souls


Alas! Cherish all souls O;
Cleanse the wavy hearts,
Dazzle the frowning faces,
Bonfire the lost emotions O,
Peace the tortured minds.

Oh! Son and daughter of earth;
Love, care and flood with prayers,
Thou shall not hate but forgive,
Thou shall not judge but understand,
Appreciate don’t discriminate.

Aye! Solemnize the victories;
Palace all the efforts O man,
Warm their icy disappointments,
Confer them hope for miles,
Appreciate! No man is perfect.

OK! Dear and broadcast kindness;
For the beating hearts rejoices,
Appreciate every tic and mole,
For the planes and wheels,
Shall meet in the Kingdom of Heaven.


The poet: we are not monsters

We are not monsters

We are not monsters
We are not beasts
We are not aliens from an abyss
We are like the stars in the sky
We glitter at our given hour
We do not make the rules but the rules but they are ours to change
We are not monsters
We just seek delight
And fading are our lights
When the candle of life is quenched

In the journey of life we are travelers
Drinking from the fountain of hope
Satisfying our hunger with the fruits from the trees of success

We are not monsters
Yes, We hold swords and charge in a battle
Killing ourselves
But does that makes us monsters


We are just humans
But we lack humanity
And so the calamity is driving us to insanity

We are not monsters
We are like the leaves on trees
Whether in the winters
Or summers.
We will one day fall

We are not monsters
We are not a beast

Just a bunch of travelers in a world where nothing is for free.


Shafa’atu Muhammad Balarabe is a teen telentend writer and a poetres, born in Nasarawa and raised in Kaduna.

The poet: she is a mother

Her love is real,
she is a burning candle,
she burn in darkness
she light with waving flames,
she become soft glowing,
she looks like ray’s
of the sun in the sky.

As, times goes on,
she start falling,
in the horizon of
below reflection
it’s so pity to see her,
in this period of obscurity,
it’s ambiguity of gradual
decline of shining
that fades like a twilight.

Fire washing away
the waxing stick
for the seek of you,
wishing you success,
for a better tomorrow,

Giving out her comfort
to composition your dream,
she melt from her erected
structure for nurturing
you to that of burning candle.

Her light never go
away in your life,
she burned down
but her present
remains in your
memory to the last
day of your breaking breath.

I never see a person
that denies her sacrifice,
she can give her last
meal and nap with
empty stomach.

She is a mother,
she burn herself in
darkness, that is
how she sacrifice
her life for you.
her love is unconditional.



The poet: consume by bigotry

We fought the miracle
We are mirror of mirage
Dibacle the will of GOD
We pieces the peace.

We forgot humanity
We forged identity

Consume by bigotry
We radicule tribes

We are superior
They are inferior

Fanaticism champions
Racism companions
Champs are chain

Minds groam
Roar with hates

Program like machines
Without conscience

Conquer by subconscience
We worship our egoes
Goes beyond redemption

Rejoice in prejudice

Mediocre professionally
Meyopic personally

Ordain to be loved
Ought to be united
When will the minds, be freed?


The poet: the honest minds

Honest voice
It’s tone of stone
Air can’t hold it,

World can uphold to change
Weight amasses with mass of sincerity,

Awaken the sink souls
Awkward in sail ship,

Might light with speed
Gent mountain can’t stop it
Fountained with root of honor,

Honest minds are mine like gold
Rare to be riped,

Bright like sky
Fly above flight.


The poet: Dream for Nigeria

Dared to dream
Within a realm of hope
Where aurora will emerge
As victory against the dark cloud
That has taken hold
Of the nation’s right to light

Dared to dream
Of a nation with people
Like an asterism of stars
From North, East, West, and South
To create a pattern in unity
To take the path of peace
To all and for all

Dared to dream
Of a nation with an honoured pledge
Where her anthem is upheld
With meaning actualised
For the truth it represents
For the nation it envisage

Dared to dream
Of a nation secured for all
Where bloodshed goes extinct
With sentiments barnished
Greed and selfishness abolished
Corruption crippled
Oppression seized
In the spirit of brotherhood
In honour of good will and progress
For all to thrive

Dared to dream
Of a nation with no heed to crisis
With no need for hatred
With no chants for division
No chants for destruction
With hands on deck by all
Irrespective of region and religion
To uphold her splendour
To enjoy her bounty and resources
Together as one
To fight all that seeks to wreck her peace
Her people, her pride

Dared to dream
Of a nation with leaders who dare to care
Deserving of their mantle
In truth, honesty, and dedication
Upholding their pledge
For the good of the people
For the growth of the nation
As the giant that it is
The African giant

Dared to dream
For the sacrifice of peace made by heroes of the past
Who dared to loose sight of the shore
To cross the ocean must be treasured
For this dream shall come alive
Together we should
Together we can
So help us God


The poet: I am a layman

Though perseverance
pass the mayriad storm,
Sway by the strike,

Obstacles has taught me,
Ocean tide sprang me,

Thunder spark my lane,
Light lead me amidst thoughts,

The soul has moulded
Experience has related

The mind is shaped
Through sharp process.

Mild to learn by lean
Among readers.

They are the leaders
I am a layman.


The poet: missing RIB

Love at first sight
eye balls swim in tears
spot wave in years
beam when heart beats.

I Lean my back on tree
your memories visits me,
your face sparks light,
wind of love smack afar.

You dwell in my heart
leaves falling over me,
your name written on it,
wind brings back your voice.

Infantuation takes over me
your present resufarces,
you are the most beautiful.

Sea blows the sprit of love,
your face speaks my star,
gushing water seal the soul,
your are my missing rib.


The poet: don’t misjudge me

Dear friends don’t misjudge me,
I am not a shadow, stop chasing me,
when I am wrong, text or tell me,
you can call me instead.

I have not change, don’t slain me,
I was maimed enough, don’t ruin me.

Release my thought of you, I am still me,
lease my space, never hold malign on me.

I wish, I could make you happy, I am me,
you are still you, we are of different walks of life but we can work things out.

Even the sun and moon get clash,
they get along as well,
they never loom in doom,
it lights, when it glitter.
they never loop the world, into darkness.
from different walks of life but