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The poet: letter to my crush

Dagger slash through
my heart as the
winter breeze
slashed my skin,

A voice echoed
recurred a feeling,
Hidden beneath
roses and soils
comported in my heart.
Its roots stretch
deep into my soul,

Watered by unending
desires it grows,
Flapping it flowers,
showering my life
with scenting leaves,
And it keep me yearning.

Sparked by
throbbing pain,
It staggered absorbing
the pleasure
I immersed myself in.
This feeling interpret
me a fool in love,

Fool in love
indeed is what I am,
My calling heart ignored,
Feelings left at bay,
Smiles not appreciated.

This feeling
Is not to be buried,
Or left behind.
This feeling
Is a feeling to remember.


The poet: journey Of my birthday

“I am a wanderer
I’ve wandered all paths
I’ve had my leg prints
On this path of life”

“I’ve been through many
Low and high tides
Through thick and thin
I’ve overcome it side by side”

“I am a traveler
That had settled in
A cruel world
Full of lies and betrayal
Someday, I would return
Back to my abode”!

Alhamdulillah for the gift of life
For the obstacles I’ve overcome
For the thorns I stepped on
Alhamdulillah for the fears I faced
For they moulded me into a
Better being!


The poet: Jewelry

A precious possession
A treasure so precious
With pressure radiates
In form of diamonds
In form of gold
In form of gems and pearls

Enhancer of radiance
Mystical elegance
Magical beauty
Swift adornement of its bearer

In various species
In forms of diamond, gold, gems, beads, topaz or sapphire
Carved and designed
To take bountiful structures
To adorn and grace

Brightens up its bearer
Like the moon brightens up the dark night
An appearance devoid of it is likened to a dish with no spice
An incomplete avatar

In form of strands appear as gems and beads
To jingle and dangle
With every movement singing its praise

Adorns its bearer
In various positions
On the neck its close to the heart
On the wrist its close to the vein
On the ear in a dark hole that looks radiant with its presence
On the finger signifying power and love

As a gift
To express love and care
Cherished and adored.


The poet: african Paradise


        O ye
   paradise; Kenya!

Mind blower and rib cracker,
Peace fueler and love bloomer
O crown holder and chain builder,
praises to thee O.

  soil; weep not O!

Purse thy thrones and pass,
O mother, quaint and just you are,
Ye healthier environment pardon us O,
For greatness shall guard thee.

 land; on high table!

Full of glamorous beings O,
With purified hearts flagged high,
Ye’re staunch and famed in the globe,
Kenya my pride.

    O ye
of nature; fountain! 

Paper thy pride in the map,
With golden stars above thee
Thro’ the historical and now events,
we owe thee bow


The 20 years old Jael Kemuma Migiro, A Kenyan Author, Poetess, Articles and Quotes Writer born and raised in Kenya. Her writting has been published on International and African magazines. She has also participated in online competitions where by she has been awarded. She is Studiying News Journalism at LSJ-London School.

The poet : amidst the scars I nurse


O’ that these feelings do erase
By liquor,straws or depths that rage
This laden heart, if kept at bay
Profit thee what of its damage
No better pain, a while Bethphage
Thus to the cross, their voices raise.

What throbs my heart’s not yond or near
Neither’s it in the wind I know
I sought for love and life that’s dear
For ages reign none came, but lo
My trust in Fates changed for a pear
They did delve me a fatal blow
Not even the Deathly Hallows
Could save this faith that’s turned to fear.

And thus my friends did say to me
“Why mourn the loss of just a pie
It’s fair that one may want to see
Had he been told nowt but a lie”
Tho’ birds in cage will one day fly
Yet strings in me do disagree.

Come feel my heart, depth of my soul
Look thus and see the walls I build
That part of ‘moi’ that made me whole
Has long been bond in kales afield
Great were the pains my heart did shield
For years all sole, alength Sheol
I did thus strife to make drums roll
That from these thorns, roses may yield.


The poet: who is your true friend?

Who is your true friend?
Wailer or hailer,
I found the later, to be mine,
The former is lighter of flame.

Spare a space in heart,
When the hail snail, nail with travail
While, in the future, Narture to wailer
Hailer the mailer of blackmail.

Danger wave the ray of wood,
Anger pave the way of wound,

Wailer wider the wings
Fly above the whisk
Heal your soul, there is risk,

When there is fracture
Warn lead to Stracture

Beware of hailer behind the scene
Wear Where the wind is wild
Where flute dilute with song

Ruin fortune the monster is a roster
Run fore the master of mischief.


The poet: imperfect me

I am a woman of purity
A care giver and a heart saver
Yet no one knows me
I love alot yet hurt alot
Am sorry to say but I can’t define myself
It’s just me the ordinary me

I’m not classy base on description
Yet a sight of me scares love from its hiding place
Talk more of beauty
Am usually a redicule to lads
Well I await your definition

Sometimes I go to school with messy hair
Sometimes my dressing isn’t fair
It doesn’t matter though,
The “A”s for a scholarship is my one and all
But “F”s finds its way to all and none

I am not rich
Am so imperfect
Not that regular girl every guy trips for
Yet my presence spices up every discussions
I’m not your class
I can’t afford a present
And your friends?
I can’t face
Yet you don’t give me space

Who am I?
Why me?
Of all girls
You call me a woman of dignity
Maybe with you I can discover my identity.


The poet: FAITH over fear


I find it comical when
some people say
“You changed Tone”

That’s only because you
only know the younger
version of me, so you’re
unfamiliar with the grown

This is the result of many
leaving me to be the
struggle on my own Tone

To now I no longer need
you because I’ve become
the I made it on my own

Been gave my number out
but many just didn’t pick up
the phone

Been making passionate
love to my dreams it’s just
now the world is starting
to hear the loud moans

And the louder my dreams
get the harder I hit it

So many people have given
up on me but God was
never wit it

That’s why everyday my eyes
are blessed to be open I give
God the praise and the glory

When so many people
dismissed the book of my life
but God kept providing the pen
that continued to write my story

And with every chapter that
story has been better and better

I’m still making that same
passionate love to my dreams
because my dreams are still
getting wetter

To anyone who has big dreams
but you lack the support of
family and friends

Don’t get discouraged, be
encouraged by God’s promise
because with God you’ll
always win

That’s what God does,
God makes winners

Don’t be surprised when
you’re only hungry for a snack
and God somehow provides
you with a whole dinner

I live my life everyday by these
three words… FAITH OVER FEAR

These are the three words that
have allowed me to survive and
thrive in this crazy 2020 year

So no I didn’t change,
I just grew

And the same miracles God
has provided for me God
can provide for you

Just simply choose

That’s how you really can
and will make 2021 your year


Anthony is a poet and author, he is also a family man with three lovely daughters living in Harlem, New York City of U.S.A.

The poet: country with foreign flag


Who will understand me?

If I write on the wall,
They’ll call me mad,
If I call them corrupt,
They’ll send me to dungeon,
If I talk my mind,all broadcasting media will change their news headline,
I won’t blame them,
It’s what makes them look better,
Yes ,better than assassins,
Or worse than murderers,
I’ll speak my mind,
I’m a global sky painter,
I won’t bother,
Who will understand me?

Look at them,
The multilated little girls,
In their teen stage,
With bulging tummies,
Babies carrying babies,
And the old moths?,
They drive with pride,
After awarding them ,
They give fake school sponsorship,
To the beautiful flowers,
Girls and boys,
Eroding their future,
Who will understand me?,

Look at Mr Misfortune,
Loitering from shop to shop,
Carrying tax collection kit,
In the name of an officer,catch a glimpse of his a million and one whores,
Feeding them with peasant’s sweat,
Look at mama kibanda,
And that ice cream vendor,
Why do you over tax the poor?
You’re a miserable,
Who will understand me?

Why do we celebrate our 57 years of the so called freedom?,
Freedom when we’re still under cages,
Night time is no more a resting time,
It’s time to think of blood spilled,
Time to think of intruding rapists,
I’m talking
From the darkest world,
But I standing at the highest and brightest moonlit estate,
Who will understand me?


The 21years old Queen she is a Kenyan poetess and novelist, she has degree in Education Geography and Business. Authored two books my proposed suitors and royal secret box, she also has many students that she is coaching in poetry.

The poet: be a child once again

Be a child again
Smile till the end of time
Giggle and toddle happily
Neglect how you’re defined

Don’t dare be sad about
the things you don’t have
Dance and sing aloud

Walk down the road
Count the trees
Jump high and feel the breeze

Tomorrow belongs to those
Who care less about today
Not those who refuse to make hay
Those that work hard and play
Forget about their yesterdays

And be a child once again.