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GEJ Meets PMB: A Lesson For Bitter-Enders – Femi Adesina

In the build-up to the 2015 general elections, the country was divided right down the middle. On one side were the Jonathanians, who supported the then incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan, and wanted him to continue in office for another term of four years.

On the flip side were the Buharists (I was one, and remain one of them) who wanted the then former military head of state, Major General Muhammadu Buhari, elected civilian President. It was a pitched battle. O le ku, ija Ore (apologies to non-Yoruba speakers.

The war was robustly fought, and won by the Buharists. That was over five years ago. But you know what? Most of the gladiators are still in their entrenched positions. Most of the Jonathanians, not able to live with the reality of defeat, turned themselves to people who cavil, finding fault with the government of the day at the slightest drop of a hat. They became wailing wailers, and whenever they began to ululate, you would think raw pepper had been inserted into their tender and sensitive parts. Or that their lollipops had been taken away. They throw tantrums.

In history, such people are called Bitter-Enders, who fight to death. What is the etymology of the expression?

The Boers of southern Africa had gone to war against the British in 1899. The Boers were being beaten black and blue, battered on every side. At a point, they found it difficult to get food, ammunition and clothing. They would take uniforms from captured British soldiers, and wear them, minus the military insignia, yet they refused to give up.

The Boers were suffering terribly, but they shunned all peace initiatives. They were fighting all the way, to the bitter end. Till 1902, when the war eventually came to an end, after almost three years.

Anyone who today persists in a cause or action despite difficult or hopeless circumstances, is called a Bitter-Ender.
There was one such legendary soldier under French Emperor, Napoleon Buonaparte. His name was Nicolas Chauvin. He was so fanatical, that he became a byword for excessive fervor, bigotry and bias. Wounded 17 different times, till he became badly disfigured, he refused to surrender, even when Napoleon had been defeated. His cry was “The Old Guard dies, but does not surrender.” Well, he died. And the English language inherited the word ‘chauvinism ‘ from his name.

What of during our own unfortunate war in Nigeria? If my memory serves me right, I read My Command by Olusegun Obasanjo nearly 40 years ago. He wrote about some young Biafran soldiers, who continued fighting, even when Gen. Philip Effiong had surrendered to the Federal Forces. They were eventually cut down. Bitter-Enders.

The fissure among most Nigerians today is sustained by primordial loyalties, and by who they supported in the 2015 presidential election. But I have news for the Bitter-Enders.
On Tuesday, this week, former President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, was at State House, along with President of Ecowas Commission, Jean-Claude Kassi Brou.

Dr Jonathan had been appointed Ecowas Special Envoy to Mali, to intercede in the crisis rocking the West African nation, after disputed parliamentary elections. Many lives have been lost, and the opposition members, under an umbrella called M5, are sticking to their guns that President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, must leave office.

I was privileged to sit in at the meeting between our former President and the incumbent. And I took away some lessons, which should really be for everyone.

President Buhari and his guest came into the diplomatic room of the Presidential Villa together. Our President ushered Dr Jonathan to the visitor’s seat.
A while back, Jonathan was the host in that very same room, ushering visitors to their seat. Now, he is in that same seat. If President Buhari visits the seat of power after May, 2023, he too would be ushered by somebody else. Such is life. Are you holding tight to anything today? Vanity of vanity. We are all birds of passage. Nothing lasts forever. Not power. Not position. Not any office. Not even life. A vital lesson I’ve learnt from President Buhari is his constant realization that he would not be in State House forever. He would often tell in private conversations: “While we are here, we shall do our very best.”

Gen Yakubu Gowon was in Dodan Barracks for nine years. He left. Olusegun Obasanjo was there, left the first time, came back again, left willy-nilly after eight years. Generals Ibrahim Babangida, Abdulsalami Abubakar, Chief Ernest Shonekan, and all former living leaders use the visitor’s seat, if they come a-visiting today. The only thing permanent in life is change.

How was the atmosphere between President Buhari and Dr Jonathan? Calm, friendly, characterized by absolutely no tension. No animosity. While uncountable Jonathanians and Buharists were spitting in one another’s eyes round the country, abusing one another’s father and mother at the same time, here were the two men, the perfect picture of geniality. I say again, no tension, absolutely none. They were both perfect pictures of civility.

Dr Jonathan gave a rundown of the situation in Mali.
When he concluded, and made his recommendations, President Buhari was full of praises for him, saying he had elucidated clearly the Malian conundrum.

“Thank you for updating me so effectively. I have a very good brief of events now, “ President Buhari said. He promised to wade into the Malian situation, along with some other key Ecowas leaders.

With the briefing concluded, Dr Jonathan went into other issues. He thanked the President for giving him an official jet to make his travels convenient, and equally expressed appreciation for the Itakpe-Warri railway complex named after him last weekend.

“It’s a big present for me. Thank you so much,” he said.

Time to go, and the former President made a move for the visitor’s exit door. But President Buhari would have none of it. He led him through the exit exclusively meant for a sitting President. Very impressive.
Meanwhile, out there, the Bitter-Enders are knocking their heads against the wall, sitting on the complaint counter and wailing endlessly. But here are the two main men, treating each other like brothers.
May the wailers stop wailing. May the Bitter-Enders be purged of bitterness. Amen, somebody!

Mr Femi Adesina is the Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity.

Re: Kano: Empty Leadership, Huge Liability – Muhammad Garba

When I read a piece pen down by the sacked chairman of the All People’s Congress (APC), Umar Haruna Doguwa titled:’’ Kano: Empty Leadership, huge liability,’’ I realized that the man, out of desperation, is carelessly ridiculing himself unnecessarily and exposing his candor and witlessness through misrepresentation of facts in the media. Nobody is envying the embattled former party chieftain from aiming for any office, but definitely not through blackmail and spreading of lies. One cannot overlook the deliberate distortion of facts on the state of affairs in Kano but to put out a response, because it could also help in dissuading desperate politicians like Doguwa using every opportunity to ensure that the people are deceived, just to achieve a selfish interest.

For those who are closer to Kwankwaso know that he always impose his whims on all and exploit them for his personal benefits against collective interest.  Even as pioneer APC chairman, you never run the affairs of the party independently talk less of bragging to have organize and coordinate an election. You were just but a rubber stamp, while your master dictate how things were organized and executed. 

While I absolutely agree with you that Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje did promise to continue with the legacies of the immediate-past administration of Senator Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, when he assumed the mantle of leadership on May 29, 2015, the governor has kept to his promise in all spheres of governance This, he did, by fine-tuning most of the policies and, as well, bringing into bear, innovations that have today crowned Kano as a reference point of good governance in Nigeria and beyond.

As I read the article, I wonder how on earth Doguwa did not mention the huge liabilities Ganduje inherited from the Kwankwaso administration which were discovered by the Transition Committee. Since you were part of the government, you ought to have mention how Kwankwaso, who served his last tenure in office between 2011 and 2015, also introduced unworkable policies and programmes as well as execution of projects without financial backing, which allegedly used them to siphon public funds or to make the state ungovernable for the incoming governor.

At the expiration of his tenure, Kwankwaso left a liability of N313 billion for the incoming government. With these debts hanging on his neck, Ganduje also assumed office when there was recession, which resulted in reduced federal allocation, dwindling level of Internally Generated Revenue and the slim nature of the state’s treasury which, however, had not deterred him from deploying his wealth of experience to effectively administer the state.

Some of these projects include Murala Muhammad Way Bridge, the longest in the country named after the Kano Business mogul, Alhaji Aminu Alhassan Dantata, which was inherited at 15 per cent state of execution which has now been completed, commissioned and put to use; the state Independent Power Project at Tiga and Challawa Dams which was inherited at 35 per cent and now at 95 per cent stage of execution;  dualisation of Yahaya Gusau Road left at 10per cent and construction of underpass which was left at 15 percent stages of completion. In fact, the contract sum of the project has to be revised because of absence of transparency in the project.

Other projects either uncompleted or abandoned but completed by the Ganduje administration include dualisation of ‘Yantaya Kofar Dawanau and rehabilitation of Ahmadiyya Road awarded in 2013; construction of Dorawa Raod; construction of Rijiyar Gwangwan Road; Rehabilitation of Yusuf Road. 

Ganduje also inherited 665 projects valued at N72 billion from Senator Ibrahim Shekarau’s administration out of which N40 billion was paid leaving an outstanding payment of N33.2 billion. Two of such projects include the construction of Giginyu Specialist Hospital (now Muhammadu Buhari Specialist Hospital) and Paediatric Hospital Zoo Road (now Khalifa Sheikh Isyaka Rabi’u Paediatric Hospital). The two hospitals which contracts were awarded in 2007, were abandoned at 35 per cent completion stage respectively. The Ganduje administration completed the construction, furnishing and equipping of the facilities. In fact, the two hospitals are one of the best in the country in terms of standard and state-of-art equipment. 

Part of the promise made by Governor Ganduje in his inaugural address, which Doguwa failed to complete is that of the initiation of more people oriented policies and programs for the overall development of Kano state. The noble and modest achievements of the Ganduje administration have, indeed, dismantled the length and breadth of the so-called Kwankwassiyya Movement which has since gone into oblivion. This is so because the article itself depicted the emptiness of the Kwankwassiyya and its foot soldiers, since they have no genuine criticism against the APC administration in Kano, having been intimidated by the uncommon achievements of the present ruling party in the state.

These projects include construction of an underpass at Sharada/Panshekara Junction completed and commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari; construction of underpasses along Katsina Road by Muhammadu Buhari Way; nearly completed underpass and flyover along Zaria Road by Dangi Roundabout; ongoing construction of Cancer Centre at Muhammdu Buhari Specialist Hospital; rehabilitation and ashphalt overlay of Burum Burum-Saya Saya-Kibiya-Rano- Bunkure-Karfi Road; Tiga-Rurum-Rano and Rano-Sumaila  Roads; construction/dualisation of Court Road (now Rochas Okorocha Road); Abdullahi Bayero Road; dualisation of Maiduguri Road (Opp Mobile Police Qtrs)-CBN Qtrs-Zaria Road; construction of asphaltic concrete surfacing from Gidan Maza-S/Gandu-Western Bypass-Kumbotso town and dualised Panshekara-Madobi Junction-Panshekara town Road among others.   

I am also gladdened that Umar Haruna Doguwa, has offered me a window to also refresh the memory of discernable good people of Kano and Nigerians on how the Kwankwaso administration killed the education sector in Kano. Kwankwaso abandoned the basic education and that was why Ganduje inherited a dilapidated infrastructure in the sector, with the quality of basic education degenerating, leading to unacceptably low academic performance. In virtually all public educational institutions, primary secondary or tertiary, classes were overcrowded. Basic amenities are either lacking or obsolete.

And just as he was about to leave office, Kwankwaso made a mere declaration for ‘free’ education in the state, deviously with the sole intent to leave the encumbrance on the incoming administration of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. If Doguwa cares to find out, as at May 29, 2015, there were only 25,000 habitable classrooms out of the 30,000 available, whereas the total requirement in our 3,000 public primary schools is 45, 000 classrooms. Similarly, there were only 18, 000 toilets as against the total requirement of 35, 000, while 3-seater pupils’ desks were only 198, 832 as against the need of 914, 000. In addition to all these, instructional materials were inadequate while staff morale was at its lowest ebb and as a matter of fact, about 50 per cent of the teachers.

This same thing applies to tertiary institutions in the state that included the two state owned universities. The Ganduje administration inherited only the Senate building at the permanent site of North West University now Yusuf Maitama Sule University with no academic activities. The university now operates two campuses. This is continuity. Many infrastructure projects were also executed at Kano state University of Science and Technology, Wudil by the present administration, while hundreds of courses were accredited with the National Universities Commission (NUC), National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) as well as the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE). With this development, Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education has already commenced the award of degree.

Funny enough, Doguwa also brought up the issue of the ill-conceived foreign scholarship scheme on which the present administration was left with a huge liability amounting to N8 billion. While as part of his continuity agenda, Ganduje has settled over N5 billion of the liability and still working towards offsetting it, facts are available on how the scheme was used to allegedly swindle the good people of Kano and Kano state government.   

Far reaching measures have also to been introduced to reverse the ugly trend by accessing the Universal basic Education Commission (UBEC’s) counterpart funding of about N2 billion which enabled the rehabilitation of classroom blocks, building of libraries, sinking of boreholes, provision of over 15,000 pupils’ furniture, instructional materials, etc. Governor Ganduje also came up with idea of the Education Promotion Committee (EPC) both at the state level and in all the 44 local government areas which has been able to rehabilitate thousands of blocks of classrooms, provision of seats and  as well as various instructional materials.

And with the introduction of Free Basic and Secondary Education in the state, which Doguwa overlooked deliberately brushed aside, payment of school fees has been abolished in all the primary and secondary schools. The Ganduje administration has commenced direct funding of primary and secondary schools numbering 1,180 with a total students population of 834, 366 at a total cost of about N200 million per month or N2.4 billion per annum. Furthermore, N357 million has been budgeted to take care of free-feeding for pupils in primary four to six classes in all primary schools across the state.

Similarly, before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ganduje’s government had provided school uniforms to 779, 522 newly enrolled pupils (boys and girls) at the total cost of N381 million which distribution and other instructional materials was flagged off at Mariri Special Primary School in Kumbotso Local Government Area last year. 

The state government has also sponsored the funding component of the Free and Compulsory Basic and Secondary Education in the state which was launched at the Sani Abacha Stadium Indoor Sports Hall. During that event, Ganduje distributed cash to over 110,000 schools across the state designed to enable them build capacity and human resource development. He also distributed 790 Digital Classroom All Inclusive Empowerment Solution and tablets to 728 teachers, 39 master teachers, nine senior secondly school officers and 14 principal officers. The programme was aimed at capacity building towards free and compulsory education on School Development Plan (SDP) and ICT appreciation for directors and zonal education directors.

With turn of events, which led to the formal abolishing of the traditional Almajiri system of education in the state, the Ganduje administration is completing arrangements to enroll all 1, 800 repatriated indigenous almajirai to Kano from other states of the northern region into conventional educational system. Kano, which is the only state that has in place, a functional Qur’anic and Islamiyya Schools Management Board had earlier, established 12 integrated Tsangaya Model Schools across the state, 10 of which are boarding. 

Each of the facility has dormitory, hostels, cafeteria, toilets and staff quarters among others, while 8, 000 volunteer teachers have been engaged to teach in the various public and Quranic schools across the state in a bid to reduce teaching deficiency in the sector. 

Indeed, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje’s launching of free, compulsory basic and secondary education policy has made serious impact with the reduction of the data of out-of-school children in Kano from 1,306,106 to 410,873, from 2015 to 2019. (Refer to the National Education Data Survey (NEDS) Report of 2015 which shows that, Kano had (then) the highest number of out-of-school children with 1,306,106.) The terrifying report then prompted Governor Ganduje to take the issue with all seriousness, with measures aimed at addressing the situation squarely.

However, with the free, compulsory basic and secondary education policy, as contained in the report submitted to the Governor Ganduje by the sub-committee on out-of-school children survey 2019, it was noted that as a result of various intervention programmes the serious drop becomes inevitable.

The survey by the sub-committee was conducted across all the 44 local government areas in the state on house-to-house basis, using village/ward heads under the district heads of each local government area with a view to generating a comprehensive and reliable data that will enable government to effectively implement the laudable free education policy According to the report, from the total number of 410,873 out-of-school children in the state, 275,917 are boys, that represents 67% and 134,956 are girls, representing 33%. 

Unlike the Kwankwasiyya and their foot soldiers who play politics with everything, the Ganduje’s administration believes that with the right education, the issue of insecurity and unemployment would become things of the past. Education is a right to every citizen. This explains why in Kano today, there is a law that whoever fails to send his children to school is committing an offence.

 Garba is the Commissioner for Information, Kano State

Breakdown of NDDC’s N81.5 Billion

Mr. Godwin Onoghokere, Public Analyst, Nigeria.

It is annoying to hear of these huge monetary figures stolen and squandered by the regional leaders with their boyfriends, girlfriends, associates and contractors!

They will always blame others for the region’s woes and backwardness!

These self-styled leaders sponsored many protests, militancy, all for their own pockets and not for the region!
If they did all those for the region, we all would have felt or seen the impact.

They will always shout marginalization, nepotism, witch-haunting, oppression from others; whereas they are the devils incarnate in the region.

It is reported that over $40BN has been given to NDDC for the region’s development since year 2000 yet, the region gloom in outer darkness of development!
Nothing, absolutely nothing to see as evidence of any infrastructural or human development!

These are the same people crying for ‘regional resource control and restructuring’; these are their mindsets – satanic agendas!

13% oil derivations, Niger Delta ministry is another department where these illicit hawks from the Niger Delta region, perch monthly stealing huge $BN.

These financial blessings to the region is more than enough to turn this region into paradise; every child to get scholarship, every one to get various assistance for businesses’ progress, every life to get a viable meanings but few, very few individuals took all these monies away and made the region and the people more poorer!

What is your joy being a leader while your people are living in abject poverty & all infrastructures in darkness of good things?

All the leaders of the Niger Delta region conspired and stole all these monies.

All the regional leaders, including religious leadership, traditional leaders that were very vocal have now become mute because their satanic evils is being bursted!

They and their entire families will suffer the consequences!

It shall not be well with them all; they shall all suffer in hell fire!

1) Covid-19 – N31.4 Billion
2) Oversea Travel – N85.6 Million
3) Maintenance – N220 Million
4) Legal services – N900 Million
5) Lassa fever – N1.956 Billion
6) Community Relations – N1.3 Billion
7) Impress – N790.9 Million
8) Condolences – N122.9 Million
9) Consultancy – N83 Million
10) DTA – N486 Million.

By: Godwin Onoghokere

Sen. Halliru Buying cars for former GOVERNORS And taking 3.5 billions to purchase exotic CARS BY GOVERNOR Bala, Response To Musa Azare – Comr. Muhammed Ishaq

Gifting Car Fad: Response To Musa Azare

Buying cars for former governors, which was reportedly done by Senator Halliru Jika of Bauchi Central, is wrong, unreasonable and unjustifiable. But we should also remember that taking 3.5 billions to purchase exotic cars for some state government and party officials by the Bauchi State Governor was abysmal, reprehensible, and equally irrational!

As true and sincere citizens, our criticisms should be characterized with air of balance, justice, and unbiased sentiment! We should not consider ourselves scrupulous if we can condemn one person and spare another for similar actions that both committed.

Buying exotic cars for federal lawmakers and party officials with the resources of Bauchi State citizens which the Bauchi State Governor did recently was more terrible and ludicrous and should had been condemned in stronger terms than buying cars for just three former governors which Senator Halliru Jika did, even though both actions are wrong, inconsiderate and irrational!

The position of PDP chairman is not part of the Bauchi State Government but the chairman was among the beneficiaries of the exotic cars purchased by the Bauchi State Governor through the ADDA Nigeria Limited! Is this not more disreputable and morally odoriferous???

But you kept quiet when all these ignominious and unconscionable deals took place!

Perhaps the conscience of Musa Azare was asleep or in hibernation when all these execrable and opprobrious incidents happened.

Or maybe you were observing ‘table manners’. Right?

Anyway, my advice is that our dealings should not be laden with blatant double standard and brazen selectivity!

By: Comrade Muhammed Ishaq,

If Buhari Is A Dictator, Without Looting Your Money… What Will You call Jonathan after Reading This?

Buhari Is A Dictator, Without Looting Your Money Or Killing Your People, What Will You Call Jonathan After Reading This.

1-Where were the common sense Senator and the wailers when Senate invited Deziani over N10B for chartering of private jet and Jonathan openly ask her not to honour the invitation?

2-Then President Jonathan sacked the President of the Appeal court because he refused to compromise on the case involving the ruling party and ruling that forensic examination be allowed on materials used for the 2011 Presidential election. Even when the NJC asked that he be reinstated, Jonathan refused yet, he is your HERO OF DEMOCRACY.

3-Why didn’t we hear noise calling Jonathan a dictator when house of Rep was locked up in the bid to impeached Tambuwal and we saw Rep members flying over fence and gates with some even tear gassed by the Jonathan police?

4-All the security details attached to then Speaker of House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal were withdrawn by the Federal Government led by Jonathan yet, you still didn’t see any reason not to worship him.

5-Bode George was tried in the law court and he was jailed for two years and served the term. Saint Jonathan came and asked the court to reversed that judgement that later said Bode George wasn’t guilty as charged and he became an innocent and not ex convict but till date Bode never sued for damages.

6-For weeks in 2014, the Governor of Kano State kept shouting that security aides posted to watch over the state house were recalled as a result of orders from above, not once did you accuse Jonathan of tyranny.

7- For appointing Sanusi Lamido as Emir of Kano which was within the rights and powers of the Kano State Government, Jonathan ordered security agents to lay siege at the Emir’s palace. For days, the Emir operated from the Kano State Government House. You didn’t call Jonathan by the dictatorship that he was acting out then.

8-For the first and only time in the history of Nigeria we had a first lady that also picked up position as the perm sec in the president state without working to attained such position. What did the wailers do?

9- Jonathan withdrew the security details attached to then Governor Amaechi, Jonathan grounded the plane of Amaechi, Jonathan masterminded and hugely supported the division and crisis in the Rivers State House of Assembly, Jonathan allowed his wife to govern Rivers from Abuja, Jonathan used Mbu to embarrass and harass a sitting Governor, Jonathan crippled Rivers because Amaechi was the Governor yet, you still see Jonathan as a demigod.

10- In this same country, we saw how Jonathan supported the destruction of the once vibrant Governors’ Forum by supporting 16 against 19 yet, you see him as one decent man who should be seen as a Hero.

11-We have not forgotten how Jonathan used state power to prevent sitting Governors from reaching a part of the country to support the reelection of one of their own because they were in the opposition and you who is laying claim to fairness and pretending to love Democracy still claim you miss this same character.

12-It was in this country under Jonathan the saint that we saw for the first time the military ambushed daily news papers distributions. They were seized and destroyed without explanations. Yet Jonathan wasn’t tagged a tyrant

13-In this same country, we saw the circulation of an undisputed video by an army officer detailing how soldiers were used to rig the election in Ekiti State to favour the thug governing the state today and yet, you see same Jonathan who was Commander in Chief of all these barbarism as decent enough to be called a hero.

14- In his desperation to see the Governor Nyako impeached, The Presidency under Jonathan had the accounts of Adamawa State frozen. A State Government account oh and not personal account of the Governor and not once did you condemn the action nor call Jonathan the dictator he clearly was then.

15-Same Jonathan you can almost worship today single handedly denied his then state Governor the right to seek the nomination of his party because he had personal grievances against him yet, you never for once accused him of abuse of power.

16-It is in Nigeria we saw how a serving Senator was shot at in a political gathering by the Nigeria police that are supposed to protect our law makers and such Senator is lucky to be alive today after been flown abroad for treatment.

17-For the first time in our history as a country, the CBN Governor was unilaterally sacked by the President without following the due process of our law because he asked questions regarding careless stealing of the nation’s money supervised and supported by Jonathan yet, you never called Jonathan the dictator he clearly was.

18-Under Jonathan was when we witness how 5 house of assembly members out of 32 almost impeached a sitting governor that lead to serious fracas.

By: George Udom

Sahara Reporters And Their Hidden Agenda On DR. Pantami – Abu Fatima

I sympathize with Nigeria. The underdevelopment has seriously impacted on the progress of our dear society. The repercussion is what we’re harvesting today.

Take it or leave it! Hausa/Fulani remains instrumental when it comes to the development of Nigeria. Always stands tall.

However, the indelible impressions of the North in the mind of Nigeria, make some cruel elements like, Sahara Reporters, try to victimize the outstanding figure, the Nigeria’s future, Dr Isa Ali Pantami, the present Communications Minister. They express their disapproval, or literally discouraging the young educated, energetic people like Dr. Pantami. If we can recall last year, Dr. Pantami in a written letter requested for the construction of some roads that link his state with other neighbouring states. Last week FEC approved seven billion (N7 Billion) additional funds for the construction of Cham in Gombe State to Numan in Adamawa State, being a Federal Road. It has been a tradition in Nigeria. Whenever a person is greatly admired by people, sticks to bringing positive changes, must be hunted down. Why? Are we not humans? Why we Nigerians are always the immediate enemies of our own selves? We all understand that undesirable elements in Nigeria are eager to drag Dr. Pantami to join their boat tilting towards Bermuda triangle. Of which is impossible. Dr Pantami is unique, trusted and passionate for justice, equity and progress. He’s a strongman. A menial intimidation won’t make him bend. He won’t be silent on eradicating untidy state of things in this country. It is worrisome that the Sahara Reporters are too antagonistic towards the progress of this nation. Just because of their personal grudges with the Nigerian Government.putt

It is certain in Nigeria today, whoever wants to live in peace should either join the criminal political mindset or else be jeopardized. With all his unprecedented achievements at NITDA, which earn him the Ministerial position, you’ll hardly see any positive breaking news about him. Such as, “Dr Pantami unveils Innovation and Entrepreneurship training,” “Dr Pantami lunches NITDA academy,” “Nigerian ICT GDP under his supervision increases to so and so.” Etc. Never you will see this. But they can only be seen publishing unverified news, which is intentional. I recently read, on 26 June, 2020, that, “Nigeria Will Break Up If North Produces President In 2023.”And on 23rd May, 2020, “Zamfara Spends N2.9bn To Feed Muslim Faithful In the State During Ramadan.” I still read, “N55.2m To Buy Cows For Eid-Fitr Celebration.” Still I read, “Reject APC, PDP In 2023,” Arewa Consultative Youth Forum President, Yerima, Tells Nigerians, Describes Buhari As Failure.” “Muslim Cleric. “43, Rapes 5-year-old Girl Inside Mosque In Nigeria.” One can go on and on mentioning their unprofessionally fabricated reports. I don’t even understand how and on what ground these trashes be called journalists? See their report on the death of Izala leader Sheikh Bala Lau. We’re not stupid like most of these commercial so-called journalists. We know that constructive criticism is important. Because, it provides success and corrective measures.In essence, we’re well aware that for any individual keen on making progressive efforts towards development should be ready to cope with all these nincompoops. But at least their stiff ears have to be warned. While Oga continues with the overriding mission, he remains the best Minister ever in the communications. And one of the best in history of Nigeria wholly. The public, most especially Nigerian youth should be conscious of the sentimental journalism practiced by Sahara Reporters.Lastly! Why we Nigerians seem to be lagging in terms of socio-economic development? Especially, my region north, is considered to have the highest rate of poverty and unemployment, least educated as well as more illiterates.

It is just because we lack leadership and always leaving a trusted, responsible and reliable person for unjust and unreliable ones. For instance, Sunusi Lamido Sunusi, Prof. Usman Yusuf former ES, NHIS and many more, have put to jeopardy, just because they have spoken the truth.

And now Dr. Pantami, seeing his potentials and youthful exuberance, they try to crash him down. I use this medium to urge Nigerians, particularly youth, to understand the truth behind all these illogical lies.

By: Ibrahim M. Muhammad (Abu Fatima)

PMB: The Incomparable President – Ibrahim M. Baba

I was just passing in Unguwan Jaki, a very busy and one of the business trending streets in Bauchi Metropolis when I heard some youths shouting and arguing heavily on politics in Nigeria. They were about ten, mostly within the age bracket of 30 – 35, sitting in front of one big Printing Press and engaged in a very hot argument about the present administration.

I don’t normally involve myself in unnecessary arguments about political issues in Nigeria, but when I heard one of the youth shouting that someone should tell him ONLY THREE achievements recorded by President Muhammadu Buhari in his five years in office, I felt something like a blow in my head. I quickly stopped and turned around to join the discussion.

I moved closer and greeted them, find a place aside and sat down. The young guy were still standing, looking so frustrated and angered. He kept repeating the same request for three achievements but nobody could respond to him. I quickly chipped in and said “I can mention a hundred and plus achievements for you Sir” .

He turned his head around and with a glaring look said to me “go ahead I am all ears”. I said, I have a plead to make please before we start. “What is it? Say it I am listening. He said in a more angry manner.

“I want you to calm down first so that we can understand each other, and also want you to get a pen and paper in order to jot the points I am about to mention” I said, without looking at him. He bursed into big laugher and asked someone to bring pen and jotter for him.

I asked him to mention any sector that he feels President Buhari has not done anything, so that we can start. He then started to shout loud, “what did he do in all the sectors? This man has failed Nigerians in all ramifications. He promised to pay all pension arrears of Federal Civil Servants during his campaign, he promised to make electricity stable, he promised this and promised that….

As soon as he reached a full stop, I began to respond to him as follows; while he writes the points and other people listen with keen interest.

In January 2019, President Buhari launched Nigeria’s Micro Pension Scheme – which allows self-employed persons and persons working in organisations with less than 3 employees to save for the provision of pension at retirement or incapacitation.
The Buhari Administration is prioritizing the payment of pension arrears owed staff of current and privatized/defunct Federal agencies:

A total of 54 Billion Naira was released to settle outstanding 33% pension arrears (the 33% pension arrears date back to 2010 when the minimum wage was increased to N18,000).

Delta Steel Company (liquidated in 2005): 3,542 pensioners have now been placed on the payroll, ending a 13-year wait for their entitlements.

Another 9,216 pensioners were payrolled, after more than a decade of neglect by the previous administration.

Retired Biafran Police Officers (dismissed by the Federal Government in 1971, after the Civil War ended, and pardoned by President Obasanjo in 2000): President Buhari approved the payment of the pensions, unpaid since their pardon in 2000. N571.56 million was paid to a total of 174 beneficiaries in October 2017

Nigeria Airways:
President Buhari approved the release of N24 billion in September 2018, for the settlement of 50% of workers disengaged when the airline was liquidated in 2003/4.

The Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) has recovered cash and non-cash assets totaling N16 billion previously trapped in various insurance companies and underwriters managing the pension funds of Federal Parastatals and Universities.

The Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP) of the Central Bank of Nigeria, launched by President Muhammadu Buhari on November 17, 2015, has made available more than 200 billion Naira in funding to more than 1.5 million smallholder farmers of 16 different commodities (Rice, Wheat, Maize, Cotton, Cassava, Poultry, Soy Beans, Groundnut, Fish), cultivating over 1.4 million hectares of farmland.

The ABP has substantially raised local production of rice, doubling the production of paddy as well as milled rice between 2015 and 2019.

Between 2016 and 2019, more than 10 new rice mills came on-stream in Nigeria. Many of the existing Mills have expanded their capacity; several new ones are under construction.

More than a billion dollars of private sector investments in the production of Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Poultry, Animal Feed, Fertilizers, etc, since 2015.

Federal Executive Council approval (2020) for a National Agriculture Mechanization Programme, “the Green Imperative”, in partnership with the Government of Brazil and multilateral financing institutions.

The Presidential Fertilizer Initiative:
Launched in January 2017, as a Government-to-Government agreement with the Kingdom of Morocco
More than a million metric tonnes of fertilizer produced since 2017. This translated to distribution of more than 18 million 50kg bags of NPK fertilizer in the first three years of the PFI)

22 blending plants resuscitated (combined installed capacity of more than 2.5m MT)
Price reduction from 9,000-11,000 per bag, to 5,500
FX savings of $150m annually through the substitution of imported components with locally manufactured ones
Subsidy savings of 50 billion Naira annually.

A total of 100,000 youths were trained across the 36 states and FCT under the Fadama Graduate Unemployed Youths and Women Support (GUYS) and have received free grants from N300,000 to One Million in order to establish different Agribusinesses.

Presently, N50 Billion loan has being distributed across households to support their living and all SMEs affected by the Covid 19 Pandemic.

AGMEIS Loan scheme is currently on going with a bid to target more than 500,000 Small and Micro Enterprises across the country in order to enhance their production capacity.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Policies on trade and investment attracted;

  • WACOT (Largest Rice Mill In Africa) KEBBI STATE
  • OLAM (largest Feed Mill In Africa), KADUNA STATE
  • SUNTI (Largest Sugar Company In Africa), NIGER STATE

The Buhari Administration has demonstrated a single-minded commitment to upgrading and developing Nigeria’s Transport, Power and Health Infrastructure.
Three major rail projects inherited from previous administrations have been completed and commissioned: Abuja Metro Rail and the Abuja-Kaduna Rail, and the 327km Itakpe-Ajaokuta-Warri Rail, started in 1987, have been completed in 2020.

A fourth Rail Project, the Lagos-Ibadan Rail Project, kicked off in 2017, and is due to be completed in 2020. The tracklaying for the main component of the project was completed in March 2020.

In May 2018, the Federal Government launched the Presidential Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF), under the management of the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority.

The PIDF kicked off with seed funding of US$650 million, and has already disbursed funds for three critical road projects: Second Niger Bridge, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, and the Abuja-Kaduna-Zaria-Kano Expressway.

Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) in March 2018 invested US$11m to establish a world-class Cancer Treatment Center at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), which commenced operations in 2019.

Work is ongoing on two US$5m Diagnostic Centers in the Aminu Kano University Teaching Hospital and the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia.

Abuja’s Light Rail system has been completed; it connects the city center with the Airport, and the Abuja-Kaduna Railway Line.

New Abuja and Port Harcourt International Airport Terminals completed, in Q4 2018.

New Lagos and Kano International Airport Terminals scheduled for completion in 2020. All were inherited from the previous administration at various stages of completion, and in some cases required project redesign and revision.

The Buhari Administration successfully completed the reconstruction of the Abuja Airport runway within the scheduled six-week period (March – April 2017), and will complete the reconstruction of the Enugu International Airport Runway in 2020.

The following Water Supply Projects and Dam/Irrigation Projects have been completed by the Buhari Administration:

  • Central Ogbia Regional Water Project, in Bayelsa
  • Sabke/Dutsi/Mashi Water Supply Project, in Katsina
  • Northern Ishan Regional Water Supply Project, serving Ugboha and Uromi communities of Edo State.
  • Kashimbila Dam, Taraba State
  • Ogwashi-Uku Dam, Delta State (Actual Dam completed and reservoir “impounded” in 2016; also spillway discharge channel completed).
  • Shagari Dam Irrigation Project, Sokoto State
  • Mangu Dam and Regional Water Supply Scheme in Plateau State
  • Completion of Phase 1 of Galma Dam, Kaduna
  • Rehabilitation of Ojirami Dam Water Supply Project, Edo State

The 25 Road Projects being funded by the Sukuk Bonds:

  • Construction of Oju/Loko–Oweto bridge over​ ​River Benue to link Loko (Nasarawa state) and Oweto (Benue state) along route F2384
  • Dualisation of Abuja–Abaji–Lokoja Road section I (International Airport link road junction​–Sheda Village)
  • Dualisation of Suleja–Minna Road in Niger State Phase II (km 40+000-km101+000)
  • Dualisation of Abuja–Abaji–Lokoja Road: Section IV Koton Karfe–Lokoja in Kogi State
  • Dualisation of Lokoja-Benin Road: Obajana–Okene in Kogi State
  • Dualisation of Kano–Maiduguri Road linking Kano–Jigawa–Bauchi–Yobe
  • Dualisation of Kano–Maiduguri Road linking Kano–Jigawa–Bauchi–Yobe–Borno States. Section III (Azare–Potiskum) in Bauchi
  • Dualisation of Kano–Maiduguri Road linking Kano–Jigawa–Bauchi–Yobe–Borno States. Section IV (Potiskum–Damaturu road) in Yobe
  • Dualisation of Kano–Maiduguri Road linking Kano–Jigawa–Bauchi–Yobe–Borno States. Section V (Damaturu–Maiduguri)
  • Dualisation of Kano–Maiduguri Road linking Kano–Jigawa–Bauchi–Yobe–Borno States. Section I (Kano–Wudil–Shuari) in Kano
  • Dualisation of Kano–Katsina Road Phase I, Kano Town at Dawanau roundabout to Katsina border in Kano
  • Construction of Kano Western Bypass as an extension of dualisation of Kano–Maiduguri Road Section I
  • Construction of Kaduna Eastern Bypass
  • Rehabilitation of outstanding section of Onitsha–Enugu Expressway: Amansea–Enugu border
  • Rehabilitation of Enugu–Port Harcourt dual-carriage Section I: Lokpanta–Umuahia in Abia
  • Rehabilitation of Enugu–Port Harcourt dual-carriage Section II Umuahia tower–Aba Township Rail
  • Rehabilitation of Enugu–Port Harcourt Road Section III: Enugu–Lokpanta
  • Rehabilitation of Enugu–Port Harcourt Road Section IV: Aba–Port Harcourt in Rivers
  • Dualisation of Yenegwe Road Junction–Kolo–Otuoke–Bayelsa Palm in Bayelsa
  • Dualisation of Lokoja–Benin Road: Obajana Junction–Benin Section II Phase I: Okene–Auchi, Kogi/Edo states
  • Dualisation of Lokoja–Benin Road: Obajana Junction–Benin Section III Phase I: Auchi–Ehor in Edo
  • Dualisation of Lokoja-Benin Road: Obajana junction–Benin Section IV Phase I: Ehor–Benin City, Edo state
  • Reconstruction and asphalt overlay of Benin–Ofosu–Ore–Ajebandele–Shagamu dual-carriage Phase IV
  • Reconstruction of outstanding section of sections of Benin–Ofusu–Ore–Ajebandele–Shagamu dual-carriage Phase III
  • Dualisation of Ibadan–Ilorin Road. Section II: Oyo–Ogbomosho Road in Oyo.


  • Second Niger Bridge
  • Loko-Oweto Bridge (Nasarawa-Benue and south east.


  • Baro Inland water Port
  • Kaduna Dry Port
  • Eastern Port (Delta)
  • Bony Bridge and Road, Rivers State
    -15 Fertilizer Plants Revived
  • Northeast Development Commission


  • Lagos- Sagamu- Ibadan Expressways
  • Kano-Maiduguri Expressway
  • Abuja-Kaduna-Kano Expressway
  • Apapa-Oshodi-Oworonshoki Road
  • New Abuja Airport Runway and
  • Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway
  • Abuja – Kerffi – Lafia – Makurdi Expressway
  • Enugu – Onitsha Road

The Federal Government’s Energizing Economies Programme is a public-private partnership led by the Rural Electrification Agency (REA), to deliver stable power supply to markets and economic clusters across the country.

The initial phase is ongoing in Ariaria Market in Aba, Abia State (32,000 shops), Sura Shopping Complex in Lagos (1,000 shops), Shomolu Printing Community in Lagos (4,000 shops) and the Sabon Gari Market in Kano (12,000 shops). The Sura Shopping Complex project was completed in August 2018, and commissioned by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in October 2018.

Launch of a 1.3 Trillion Naira Payment Assurance Programme designed to resolve the liquidity challenges in the Power Sector by guaranteeing payments to Generating Companies and Gas Suppliers.

Implementation of a Willing Buyer, Willing Seller Policy for the power sector, which has opened up opportunities for increased delivery of electricity to homes and industries.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has also recently issued an Order capping estimated billing by DisCos. More than 90 Transmission Projects completed or ongoing since 2016.


  • Dadin Kowa Power Plant Gombe
  • Kashimbilla Hydro Power Plant(Completed)
  • Mambilla Hydro Power Plant(Awarded)
  • Independent Power Supply to Ariaria Market, Aba, Abia State
  • Independent Power Supply to Sabon Gari Market, Kano State
  • Independent Power Plan Sura Shopping Complex, Lagos
  • Independent Power Plants for 37 Universities
    Independent Power Plants for 7 Teaching Hospitals
  • Oil Exploration in Bauchi
  • Over 200Bn released for Universities (1st in History)

Grants and Disbursements:
The Federal Government has disbursed more than 170 billion Naira in UBE Matching Grants to States and the FCT since 2015, 8 billion Naira in Special Education Grant to States and private providers of Special Education, and 34 billion Naira from the Teachers Professional Development Fund to States and the FCT.

A sum of 200 billon naira released to Universities in Nigeria using TETFUND

President Buhari has also established the following:

  • Federal Maritime University, in Delta State
  • Nigerian Army University Biu, in Borno State
  • University of Agriculture, Zuru, Kebbi State
  • University of Transportation, Daura, Katsina State
  • Airforce University, Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi State

The administration has also established NEW FEDERAL COLLEGES OF EDUCATION in;

  • Bauchi
  • Benue
  • Ebonyi
  • Osun
  • Sokoto
  • Edo States.
  • Federal Polytechnic, Daura
  • Transfer of Almajiri Schools built by the previous administration to State Governments and credible Scholars of Islamic Education, for efficient administration and impact.


  1. Grants to State Governments:
    A minimum of $2.5 million disbursed to each State of the Federation and the FCT, under the Saving One Million Lives (SOML) initiative, to improve health outcomes.
  2. Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF):
    For the first time since the National Health Act was passed in 2014, the Federal Government included the 1% minimum portion of the Consolidated Revenue Fund – amounting to 55 billion Naira – in the 2018 budget, to fund the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF). The Fund is designed to deliver a guaranteed set health services to all Nigerians, through the national network of Primary Health Care centers.
  3. Passage of Enabling Legislation for the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), for the first time since it was founded in 2011. President Buhari approved a grant of 5 billion Naira for the NCDC in March 2020.
  4. Tertiary Healthcare Upgrade Programme: A number of key Federal Hospitals across the country are being upgraded to effectively manage cancer and other major health challenges. Cancer Radiotherapy machines and other equipment are being provided to these hospitals. The National Hospital in Abuja has already received two LINAC (cancer treatment) machines.
  5. Also established the following Health Care Institutions;
  • Airforce Referral Hospital, Daura
  • Nigerian Airforce Base Stand Hospital Bauchi
  • Women and Children Hospital, Daura
  • 44 Military Hospital, Kaduna
  • National Cancer Center, Abuja
  • Cancer Center at the University Teaching Hospital, UniLag, Lagos

President Muhammadu buhari bailed out 27 Governors and their states with finances running in billons of dollars.

-New Abuja Airport Terminal

  • New Lagos Airport Terminal
  • Port Harcourt Airport Terminal
  • Enugu Airport Terminal


  • Abuja Metro Train
  • Abuja – Kaduna Train
  • Itakpe (KOGI state) -Warri (DELTA state)
  • Lagos – Abeokuta (OGUN)
  • Abeokuta (OGUN) – Ibadan (OYO)
  • Lagos – Kaduna Cargo Train
  • Train Assembly Plan, OGUN
  • Lagos-Kaduna Cargo Train

President Muhammadu buhari Made It Possible:

  • N30,000 Minimum Wage for all workers
  • N30,000 for 500,000 Npower beneficiaries
  • School Feeding Program
  • TraderMoni
  • Farmers Moni
  • MarketMoni
  • Buhari Young Farmers

-Central Ogbia Regional Water Project,Bayelsa
-Sabke/Dutsi/Mashi Water Supply Project, Katsina
-Kashimbila Dam, TarabaState
-Ogwashi-Uku Dam, Delta State
-Shagari Dam Irrigation Project, Sokoto State,

-10,000 estate housing across each 36 states

  • Buhari Quarter housing scheme across the 36 states.

As I was busy mentioning these achievements, the guy was already tired of writing. I stopped and ask why he was not writing. He said he was tired, his fingers were paining him, that I should allow him take some rest and we continue tomorrow.

I said, ok no problem but let me mention this point before I forget. I then catsh his right ear and whispered to him, that President Buhari has yesterday Flagged Off a $2.8 billion Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano Gas Pipeline Project, which is said to be the largest of its kind in the nation.

“The AKK project is a section of the trans-Nigeria gas pipeline with a capacity to transport 2.2 billion cubic feet of gas per day and will be fed from the existing domestic gas infrastructure”, I added. The guy just fainted. It took the intervention of his colleagues who poured water on him before he could regain consciousness.

He looked at me with a relaxed mind and said, “My brother PMB has really achieved a lot in this five years, only that many people do not know, because free money is not flowing into their pockets”. His friends were surprised that he became speechless at the end. We shook hands and bid each other farewell.

By Ibrahim M. Baba

DIALOGUE: Keyamo Versus The National Assembly

Recently, the Federal Government embarked in another social investment program through the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, in which the sum of N52 Billion is set aside for the engagement of youths from the 774 Local Government Areas of the Federation. And the aim of the program is to employ 1000 persons from each Local Government.

Its from the background of the program that the following Dialogue ensued between the State Minister for Labour and Employment, Mr. Festus Keyamo (SAN) and the National Assembly:

National Assembly: How come that a Federal Government programme expected to gulp N52 Billion is being shrouded in secrecy?

Hon. Minister Keyamo: It is not shrouded in secrecy. Representatives of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), youth groups and market women are all on the selection Committee.

National Assembly: We won’t accept this from you. You should have privately submitted the program to us for vetting before taking certain steps. That would have enabled us have an input on how the programme should be implemented.

Hon. Minister Keyamo: No! Your powers under the constitution do not extend to that. You cannot control the program as to who gets what. That’s the function of the executive arm of government. Anything to the contrary will be tantamount to challenging the executive powers of Mr. President.

National Assembly: You’re always speaking big grammar. Wetin! Okay, come let’s go behind closed doors and conclude the meeting.

Hon. Minister Keyamo: No, sorry! I’m not ready to do anything in secret. You’ve already publicly questioned my actions. Let me also defend myself publicly.

National Assembly: You are disrespecting the authority of the National Assembly. Are you to tell us how to conduct the business of the National Assembly? We insist you come with us to the secret room.

Hon. Minister Keyamo: I’m sorry I won’t go to any closed-door meeting with you. You have already raised some fundamental issues before the media. The media also needs to know how it is addressed. We are in a democracy.

National Assembly: Then you can leave our premises, if you are not ready to discuss in secret with us.

Hon. Minister Keyamo: Why are you asking me to leave? If we are truly fighting corruption, then all our actions should be open to public scrutiny.

National Assembly: What do you know about corruption? Are you to teach us about the war against corruption? Look, if you are not ready to go into a closed-door meeting with us, you can as well pack your things and leave.

Hon. Minister Keyamo: Yes, I’ll rather uphold the provisions of the constitution and leave your premises, than have a secret collusion with you. Goodbye.

National Assembly: Really? You think you’re smart, right? Okay, we shall see!

Hahaha! My people how una see this one? You castigate a man in public and the man wants to defend himself. But you suddenly say, no! His defense must be in secret. If you wanted a secret deal with him, why did you have to first impugn his capacity and integrity in public? Haba!

From anonymous source.

Rejoice Not Yet, Tinubu Is Not Done With – Biyi Richard

Tinubu they don’t know. He defied all corporate persuasion and delved into the murky waters of politics in 1991. Others would have been satisfied as a Treasurer in Mobil plc, an oil firm conglomerate. Not Tinubu. He dropped his resignation letter and bid the oil octopus a final goodbye.

He pitched his tent with the Primrose group, where the likes of Dapo Sarumi and Yomi Edu were already holding forth. They were Major General Shehu Yardua’s political soldiers..

Eventually, Tinubu campaigned for the Senatorial ticked and won resoundingly and emerged as the Senator with the largest vote, country wide during that era. He would have become the Senate President but for the ambition of MKO Abiola, where he was prevailed upon to defer his ambition. Senator Tinubu later mobilized for Senator Iyorcha Ayu who eventually became the Senate President..

He was enraged when Babangida annulled the June 12 election that was won by Abiola “fair and square”. He even mobilized his mother and Other of her Lagos women to prevail on IBB at Aso Rock to de-annul the June 12 election. ” Babangida, ngbo, wonni e’nilo? Iro ni, ema lo oo'( Babangida, they alleged you wouldn’t go, you must go”!) declared Alhaja Mogaji Tinubu inside Aso rock lairs, face-to-face with the dictator, who called himself an evil genius.

When Shonekan was already inaugurated as an Interim National Government President and it appeared the June 12 was being confined into the dustbin of history, it was Tinubu that engaged Professor Kasumu to drag the ING to Court. That eventually culminated to the earthshaking judgement of Justice Akinsanya who later declared the ING illegal..the rest is now history. Hear him:

“The case that went to the court, to Justice Dolapo Akinsanya was engineered and proposed by me, as an elected representative of the people. I was going to challenge the ING, its legitimacy, through Professor Kasumu. Prof. Kasumu was never Abiola’s lawyer. Prof. Kasumu drafted the case on that day. We reviewed it. We were about to go to court and I mentioned to Abiola, what I was about to do. Abiola invited Prof. Kasumu to meet with him. Kasumu met with him. He said we’ll, maybe Abiola himself as the candidate, the custodian of the mandate, should really go for it. We changed it overnight, turned the case round. Eventually Abiola took the case to court. Prof. Kasumu won the case. Justice Dolapo Akinsanya declared the ING illegal.”

I saw pyrrhic dance of so called victory all over the place. It’s quite obvious, many don’t know the man they think they are singing his political dirge. They don’t know Asiwaju Tinubu, the political gamesmaster.

Rejoice not yet.

By: Biyi Richard Orilabawaye

N-POWER: How To Avoid Mistakes During Registration

If you really want to get the N-Power job via the 2020 batch ‘C’ recruitment, there are certain guidelines and procedure you must follow.

This June 26th, as N-Power opens its portal for this year Batch ‘C’ application, you must adhere to these instructions.
N-Power Batch C Registration Guide 2020.

  1. If you’ve changed your name as a result of been married please make sure it reflects on the certificates you’ll be using for application.
  1. If you’ve not done change of name, then use the name as it appears in your papers and in your bank account.
  2. Apply by yourself, don’t give your application to the cafe attendant. Cafe attendants are fond of making mistakes when they aren’t supervised. If cafe attendant must do it for you, be there to correct whatever mistakes he or she will be making.
  1. Check and cross check while applying before you make submission.
  2. One of the most important thing is to ensure that your account number is active, and it’s linked to your BVN.
  3. In order to avoid the issue of unmatched name, unmatched BVN, etc. Make sure you fill the on-line application form as your names appear in your certificates and bank account number.

You could face issue of unmatched name if all your papers and ID bear Timi Ebi, but you go ahead to fill Timi Ebiweni at.k application form.

If your name is Tari, dont go fill Tariye during application.

We have found out that more than 70% of the current beneficiaries who are faced with one issue or other are those who use names that are slightly different in spelling, yet the same meaning and interpretation. Avoid it.

Before you register for N-POWER, carefully check your bank details and register your name the same way it is with your bank details i.e. Account Name and BVN. Failure to do this may put your stipend on hold should you be employed. You can spend up to 6 months without your stipends before it’s corrected.

So, if you are using two names but in your bank details there are three names, register with the three names. And if u are using three names but your bank details are two names, register with the two names.

i. Register your name as it appears in your account name and BVN E.g if your account name is Muhammad, register it like that if u write Muhammed it’s wrong!

ii. Don’t use apostrophe in your name because BVN can’t take it Eg. Mua’zu, Sa’idu, Shafi’u, A’isha etc.

iii. Don’t use an abbreviation in your registration E.g. LAWAL SANI KANOMA don’t write LAWAL SANI K, or UMAR B AHMAD, it’s wrong write LAWAL SANI or write it completely LAWAL SANI KANOMA because BVN can’t take abbreviation.

iv. Avoid changing letters in writing your names E.g. if your name is Bashar don’t write Bashir or Bashiru it’s wrong, if your name is AISHA don’t write Aishat or aishatu it’s wrong, if your name is kabiru don’t write Kabir it’s wrong!

v. Avoid using symbols, dash or fullstop in writing your names E.g. Abdul-rahman it’s wrong write it completely, ABDURRAHMAN. So please inform our family and friends in other to reduced the number of UNPAID Npower volunteers this time.

Some of the reasons you might not get paid are:-
1. No matching BVN.

2. When you have a matching BVN but your names do not match. At least two names must match.

3. Bank account not linked to BVN

4. Providing a non NUBAN account number . NUBAN account number is the 10 digit account number.

5. Using an NYSC account that receives only 19 thousand naira and cannot receive 30 thousand naira.

N-Power Batch ‘C’ Registration Guide is brought to you by: