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A MADE-IN-NIGERIA Pickup Truck (NORD TANK) IS The New Automotive In Town

A recent report has shown a video of Made-in-Nigeria Pickup Truck called NORD TANK which is produced by a Lekki-based Nord Automobiles.

The 174 Horsepower All-Wheel-Drive truck is specially designed to cater for the tough and bad Nigerian roads.

The video of a made-in-Nigeria pick-up truck, Nord Tank, produced by Lekki based NORD Automobiles, has attracted attention online.

According to the manufacturer, the all-wheel-drive truck is specially designed for tough and bad roads. Powering this rugged and tough looking pick-up is a 174 Horsepower engine.


The Nord Tank will compete with fastselling trucks like Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi L200, Ford Ranger, Leopaard CT7 and INNOSON IVM Carrier 4×4 pickup trucks.

A quick check at the NORD Automobiles website shows that it also manufactures several types of Nigerian branded vehicles.


Nord Automobiles lineups includes the Nord Max, Flit bus, Tank, Aso truck, Lasgi big bus, Q3 sedan, Q5 SUV, Nord Yarn, Ben SUV, Urban sedan and more

According to NORD Automobiles, its operations focus on designs; development; assembling; distribution; marketing and provision of sales and after-sale of premium vehicles at relatively competitive costs.

With this development, Nord Automobiles joins a growing list of Nigerian automotive manufacturer that also includes Innoson Vehicle Manufacturers (IVM); Obasa Specialty Vehicles (OSV); Proforce and Bennie Technologies.

Insects Killer: Stop wasting your money on INSECTICIDES, Just Try These steps

Stop wasting your money on insecticides; try kerosene, salt and detergent and follow these steps.

Many have wasted alot of money on insecticide, not knowing that there is also another way through which you can also get rid of insects, both the ones flying and creeping in your house, what it takes to get of them permanently from your house and compound is at your disposal.

It has been working, just that many people do not know about it, many of us make use of Kerosine, same as everyone use Salt and also detergent is in everyone’s home because it is one of most used in many families. Get an empty container (it could be Eva water empty container) get salt, Kerosine and any detergent of your choice and follow these steps provided below.


Get the empty container, pour about 10 tea spoon of Salt into the empty container, get any detergent of your choice, pour like 100 naira detergent into the container, Now get your Kerosine, pour till it gets to half of the container and then cover the container and shake it very well. When u want to apply it, make a little hole on the cover of the container and apply gently.

Have you been disturbed by mosquitoes, bedbugs, ants, flies, centipede, snakes, lizard, insects, reptile of all sorts, both creeping and flying insects, now their ends are here. After mixing ingredients together, you can now apply them where necessary to kill any insects disturbing your peace in the house.

Apply in and around your compound every three (3) days to avoid snakes and any creepy creature, for bedbugs, apply it around the affected places including on the foam and see the wonder. If the mixture is for mosquitoes, drop around some strategic places around your room and leave for 20mins, your peace is restored. If for flies, drop around the places, and you won’t see them again.

After trying this and it works for you, don’t keep it to yourself alone, tell others about it, spread the good news, my late aunty taught me how to do this which she equally said her late mother taught her and I decided to share it with you.