Security: The Nigerian Army Approves New Postings And Appointments

The Nigerian Army In a statement issued yesterday Approves New Postings And Appointments, where the statement reads:

“In the rekindled spirit of professionalism and enhanced productivity, the Nigerian Army has just released the postings and appointments of some affected senior officers.

The posting which was approved by the Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen TY Buratai is a routine/normal exercise intended to reinvigorate the system for greater performance and effectiveness.

The posting saw the redeployment of Major General FO Agugo from Headquarters Nigerian Army Signals Corps Apapa Lagos to Defence Headquareters Department of Communications as Chief of Defence Communications, Major General M Mohammed from Nigerian Army Resource Center Abuja to Pronto Tech Nigeria Limited and appointed Managing Director, Maj Gen AR Owolabi from Defence Headquarters Abuja (Department of Communications) to Headquarters Nigerian Army Signals Corps as Commander, Major General A Bande is to remain as General Officer Commanding 8 Division Sokoto, Major General E Akerejola from Army Headquarters Department of Logistics to Nigerian Army School of Supply and Transport, Benin as Commandant, Major General UM Mohammed to remain in the Office of the Chief of Army Staff as Special Adviser Nigerian Army University Biu and Vice Chairman Nigerian Army Property Limited, Abuja, Major General CV Eze from Office of the Chief of Army Staff ( Nigerian Army Special Projects) to Army Headquarters, Department of Army Logistics and appointed Director Engineering Services, Major General OF Azinta from Defence Space Agency, Abuja to Defence Headquarters as Director Psychological Warfare, Major General AM Dauda from National Defence College, Abuja to Army Headquarters Department of Policy and Plans and appointed Director Policy, Major General AL Dusu from Army Headquarters, Department of Policy and Plans to Nigerian Army School of Artillery, Kachia appointed Commandant and Major General H Ahmed from Headquarters Nigerian Army Corps of Military Police to remain as Provost Marshal (Army).

Others include, – Major General TA Gagariga from Nigerian Army School of Artillery, Kachia to Defence Space Agency, Abuja appointed as Deputy Chief of Defence Space Agency, Major General JO Iwara from Army Headquarters Department of Standard and Evaluation to Department of Army Logistics appointed Director of Logistics Planning, Major General PI Eze to remain at Headquarters Theatre Command Operation LAFIYA DOLE Maiduguri and appointed Theatre Logistics Component Commander, Major General OO Oluyede to remain in Sector 2 Operation LAFIYA DOLE, Damaturu as Commander, Major General BR Sinjen to remain in Army Headquarters Department of Training and Operations, Abuja as Director Operations, Major General R Abubakar to remain in Defence Headquarters as Defence Liaison Officer Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja, Major General OO Soyele from Defence Hedquarters, Abuja to Nigerian Army Resource Center, Abuja as Senior Research Fellow, Major General AK Ibrahim to remain in Headquarters 7 Division/ Sector 1 Operation LAFIYA DOLE, Maiduguri as General Officer Commanding/Commander Sector 1 Operation LAFIYA DOLE, Major General SI Igbinomwanhia to remain in Sector 3 Operation LAFIYA DOLE, Monguno as Commander and Major General IM Jallo from Headquarters 63 Brigade, Asaba to Headquarters 6 Division, Port Harcourt appointed General Officer Commanding.

Similarly, Brigadier General AIM Lapai from 302 Artillery Regiment (General Support), Onitsha to Headquarters Nigerian Army Corps of Artillery, Kontogora appointed Director Field Defence, Brigadier General Kawugana from Warrant Officers’ Academy, Jaji to Hedquarters 9 Brigade, Ikeja Lagos appointed Commander, Brigadier General MO Jimoh from Defence Headquarters to Defence Space Agency, Abuja and appointed Deputy Director, Launch Vehicle Systems, Brigadier General MA Bolarinwa from Nigerian Army School of Supply and Transport Benin to Defence Headquarters(Annex), Lagos and appointed Deputy Director Supply, Brigadier General SM Uba to remain in 401 Special Forces’ Brigade as Commander, Brigadier General WM Dangana from Army War College Nigeria, Abuja to 3 Division Garrison, Jos appointed Commander, Brigadier General AGL Haruna to remain in 7 Division Garrison, Maiduguri as Commander, Brigadier General AM Garba from Headquarters Theatre Command Operation LAFIYA DOLE, Maiduguri to Headquarters 23 Brigade, Yola appointed Commander, Brigade General AG Laka from Army War College Nigeria, Abuja to Nigerian Army Operations Centre, Abuja and appointed Coordinator, Brigadier General IA Ajose from Training and Doctrine Command, Minna to 4 Special Forces Command, Doma as Chief of Staff, Brigadier General DK Zirkushu from Headquarters 1 Brigade, Gusau to Headquarters 28 Task Force Brigade, Chibok and appointed Commander.

Accordingly, Brigadier General M Ibrahim from Operation SAFE CORRIDOR, Gombe to 14 Brigade Ohafia appointed Commander, Brigadier General A Idris from Army Headquarters Department of Administration Army to Headquarters 63 Brigade, Asaba appointed Commander, Brigadier General RT Utsaha from 34 Brigade Garrison, Owerri to 32 Brigade, Akure and appointed Commander, Brigadier General MA Sadiq from Headquarters Operation DELTA SAFE, Yenagoa to Headquarters 4 Brigade, Benin and appointed Commander, Brigadier General IH Daniel from 304 Artillery Regiment Maiduguri to 34 Brigade Garrison Oweri as Commander, Brigadier General EO Ojabo from Defence Headquarters, Abuja to 81 Division Garrison, Lagos and appointed Commander, Brigadier General SS Tilawan to remain in Headquarters 5 Brigade as Commander.

Others are – Colonel FD Babatunde from Headquarters 81 Division, Lagos to Headquarters Operation SAFE HAVEN Jos appointed Sector Commander, Colonel OJ Majebi from Operation SAFE HAVEN, Jos to 31 Brigade Garrison, Minna appointed Commander, Col JC Mbanefo from Headquarters Nigerian Army Corps of Artillery to 301 Artillery Regiment (General Support) and appointed Commander, Colonel MA Maaji from Depot Nigerian Army Zaria to 4 Operation DELTA SAFE and appointed Commander amongst others.

All the postings and appointments take effect from the 18 of January 2021.

While wishing all the officers well in their respective appointments, the Chief of Army Staff enjoins them to take their new responsibilities/appointments seriously and discharge all duties professionally with utmost loyalty to the Nation and the Service.”

Source: Brig. General Sagir Musa, Director Army Public Relations. 9th January, 2021.

The poet: don’t misjudge me

Dear friends don’t misjudge me,
I am not a shadow, stop chasing me,
when I am wrong, text or tell me,
you can call me instead.

I have not change, don’t slain me,
I was maimed enough, don’t ruin me.

Release my thought of you, I am still me,
lease my space, never hold malign on me.

I wish, I could make you happy, I am me,
you are still you, we are of different walks of life but we can work things out.

Even the sun and moon get clash,
they get along as well,
they never loom in doom,
it lights, when it glitter.
they never loop the world, into darkness.
from different walks of life but


The poet: letter to my crush

Dagger slash through
my heart as the
winter breeze
slashed my skin,

A voice echoed
recurred a feeling,
Hidden beneath
roses and soils
comported in my heart.
Its roots stretch
deep into my soul,

Watered by unending
desires it grows,
Flapping it flowers,
showering my life
with scenting leaves,
And it keep me yearning.

Sparked by
throbbing pain,
It staggered absorbing
the pleasure
I immersed myself in.
This feeling interpret
me a fool in love,

Fool in love
indeed is what I am,
My calling heart ignored,
Feelings left at bay,
Smiles not appreciated.

This feeling
Is not to be buried,
Or left behind.
This feeling
Is a feeling to remember.


The poet: journey Of my birthday

“I am a wanderer
I’ve wandered all paths
I’ve had my leg prints
On this path of life”

“I’ve been through many
Low and high tides
Through thick and thin
I’ve overcome it side by side”

“I am a traveler
That had settled in
A cruel world
Full of lies and betrayal
Someday, I would return
Back to my abode”!

Alhamdulillah for the gift of life
For the obstacles I’ve overcome
For the thorns I stepped on
Alhamdulillah for the fears I faced
For they moulded me into a
Better being!


The poet: Jewelry

A precious possession
A treasure so precious
With pressure radiates
In form of diamonds
In form of gold
In form of gems and pearls

Enhancer of radiance
Mystical elegance
Magical beauty
Swift adornement of its bearer

In various species
In forms of diamond, gold, gems, beads, topaz or sapphire
Carved and designed
To take bountiful structures
To adorn and grace

Brightens up its bearer
Like the moon brightens up the dark night
An appearance devoid of it is likened to a dish with no spice
An incomplete avatar

In form of strands appear as gems and beads
To jingle and dangle
With every movement singing its praise

Adorns its bearer
In various positions
On the neck its close to the heart
On the wrist its close to the vein
On the ear in a dark hole that looks radiant with its presence
On the finger signifying power and love

As a gift
To express love and care
Cherished and adored.


The story: Blood is the colour of Man


Mum discovered five used sanitary pads in my room

What are these ?

I emm eeee was ..

I couldn’t say anything sensible, my mum was so disappointed , from the look on her face I knew I had numerous questions to answer.

We have to talk when you are done disposing that , she angrily shut my door and left my room

And mum can easily sieve lie from truth, I can’t lie to her with this neither can I tell her the truth

Okay can you tell me why you decide to save used sanitary pads in your drawer

With her eyes fixed on mine.

With tears flooding my face I said , she was supposes to come for it last night .

Who is she..?

She comes three days after every month mensuration

she has never missed the routine for the past six months

Mum raised her hand signaling me to calm down a little

How did all this start?

The first time it happened, I had a dream, where I was trying to change my used sanitary pad, Then a Lady appeared in Black wedding Dress, Stretched her hands her nails were painted blood red, as if been pulled by an invisible force, gave her the used pad, She smiled and said “Blood is the Colour of man”

I awoke, I was thinking it was all a Terrible nightmare till I found myself in the Habit of saving up my used sanitary pads, The same lady appears in my room every month to collect those used pads.

Mum shook her head in pity, she was already crying, I was crying too, she held me, And why haven’t you told me this for the past seven months, I wanted to talk, But was too scared to speak Because the Lady in Black just walked in, I was sure Mum didn’t see her she smiled and whispered “BLOOD IS THE COLOUR OF MAN” .
she walked out of the room through the wall


On The Suspension Of ASUU Strike – Mahmud Yahaya

Just while we were drowned in the ocean of melancholy and buried in the sands of uncertainty as a result of the nine month old ASUU strike; there comes glad tidings: “The strike is suspended”.

This news is one that has made it to the headlines of various news medium, perhaps due to its significance to students. The news could be said to be one good news in this month of December after the terrible and horrible news which overwhelmed the mainstream and online media since the beginning of the month.

The suspension of the strike did not only bring vivacious smile to the faces of students, but the story is so to everyone who has direct or indirect connection with the university.

As heart soothing as the news may sound, however, the ASUU Boss, Prof. Ogunyemi was quoted to have said “the union would return to strike without notice if the government fails in meeting its part of the agreement reached with the university lecturers”.

The above statement of the ASUU chairman, I think is worthy of note. It simply means the suspension of the strike is conditional and it may resume if by any chance the government reneges on its promises.

Should this give us hope or hopelessness?

If that is the case, I must without reservations plead with the Federal Government to redeem its promises made to ASUU so as to enable the child of the common man have a future.

It was evident, the strike only added fuel to the fire of youth restiveness, increased rate of vices among others.

One must commend both parties (FG & ASUU) for resolving to settle the matter once and for all. Perhaps the struggles of ASUU for the improvement of public universities have not been in vain.

We hope this will mark the end of incessant strike which the ASUU is notorious for and usher in a new dawn where students will have undisrupted prescribed period of study.

By: Mahmud Yahaya,

Faculty of Law, Bauchi State University, Gadau.

The poet: african Paradise


        O ye
   paradise; Kenya!

Mind blower and rib cracker,
Peace fueler and love bloomer
O crown holder and chain builder,
praises to thee O.

  soil; weep not O!

Purse thy thrones and pass,
O mother, quaint and just you are,
Ye healthier environment pardon us O,
For greatness shall guard thee.

 land; on high table!

Full of glamorous beings O,
With purified hearts flagged high,
Ye’re staunch and famed in the globe,
Kenya my pride.

    O ye
of nature; fountain! 

Paper thy pride in the map,
With golden stars above thee
Thro’ the historical and now events,
we owe thee bow


The 20 years old Jael Kemuma Migiro, A Kenyan Author, Poetess, Articles and Quotes Writer born and raised in Kenya. Her writting has been published on International and African magazines. She has also participated in online competitions where by she has been awarded. She is Studiying News Journalism at LSJ-London School.

The poet : amidst the scars I nurse


O’ that these feelings do erase
By liquor,straws or depths that rage
This laden heart, if kept at bay
Profit thee what of its damage
No better pain, a while Bethphage
Thus to the cross, their voices raise.

What throbs my heart’s not yond or near
Neither’s it in the wind I know
I sought for love and life that’s dear
For ages reign none came, but lo
My trust in Fates changed for a pear
They did delve me a fatal blow
Not even the Deathly Hallows
Could save this faith that’s turned to fear.

And thus my friends did say to me
“Why mourn the loss of just a pie
It’s fair that one may want to see
Had he been told nowt but a lie”
Tho’ birds in cage will one day fly
Yet strings in me do disagree.

Come feel my heart, depth of my soul
Look thus and see the walls I build
That part of ‘moi’ that made me whole
Has long been bond in kales afield
Great were the pains my heart did shield
For years all sole, alength Sheol
I did thus strife to make drums roll
That from these thorns, roses may yield.


The poet: who is your true friend?

Who is your true friend?
Wailer or hailer,
I found the later, to be mine,
The former is lighter of flame.

Spare a space in heart,
When the hail snail, nail with travail
While, in the future, Narture to wailer
Hailer the mailer of blackmail.

Danger wave the ray of wood,
Anger pave the way of wound,

Wailer wider the wings
Fly above the whisk
Heal your soul, there is risk,

When there is fracture
Warn lead to Stracture

Beware of hailer behind the scene
Wear Where the wind is wild
Where flute dilute with song

Ruin fortune the monster is a roster
Run fore the master of mischief.


Our Strength lies in truth